Hope for one last blast of winter


Easter Sunrise Service, Tod's Point

Easter Sunrise Service, Tod’s Point

Latest forecast is for just 3″ of snow down here (12″, Boston), but the storm seems to be drifting back on a westward path, which would bring that 6″-12″ zone to our area Tuesday night. Those of you who don’t enjoy snow storms as much as I do may find this discouraging news but hey – you can always burn your copy of “Earth in the Balance” to stay warm.


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6 responses to “Hope for one last blast of winter

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    Your fascination with blizzards confounds me.
    It’s not like you go to school, or have a job, where you get a free day off.

    That I would understand. But snow or not, you spend each and every day in your skid marked tighty whiteys and coffee stained wife beater. Wearing black knee highs with holes in the heels. Spanking your shriveled little love log endlessly to Japanese school girl porn, all day long. ADMIT IT!! You know I am right!!

    So why do you care if it snows or not? I NEEDS TO KNOW!! DIRTY HARRY DUDE!!

    Maybe you just want the Cos Cobbers to hose us more on the snow plowing fee? And how happy they must be after this winter. There may be a Ripple shortage in town.
    Your Pal,

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    Never did get a copy of that piece of fiction….

  3. TheWizard

    Have to get out and plow quickly, as the March snows melt so fast……..

  4. bunnytee

    HAAA-HAA!! NEEner, neener…No snow here, it’s going to miss us, completely for once! Stupid snow. The coast can have it all..And the stupid snow plow with the stupid snow mobiles, too! Stupid snow, anyhow.