Canada has idiots too – somehow, that’s reassuring


First Prize!

First Prize!

Canadian high schooler discovers radiation in the produce section of her local supermarket, wins prize.

“Some of the kelp that I found was higher than what the International Atomic Energy Agency sets as radioactive contamination, which is 1,450 counts over a 10-minute period,” she said. “Some of my samples came up as 1,700 or 1,800.”

Can’t blame the poor little girl, who is probably having glow-in-the-dark nightmares now. But one would hope someone, like say her science teacher, would do a little research. So, 1700 counts in 10 minutes. Here is the part in which we divide. 1700 counts in 10 minutes is about 170 counts a minute, which is a little less than 3 counts a second. The Potassium-40 in a 150g banana? Around 20 counts a second.

For a full dose of what passes for discussion in the moon bat world, go to the original article and read the comments. In a sea of hysteria, a few, a very few commenters attempt to explain the ridiculousness of this “science” project and the absurdity of giving her an award for her work. Here’s a typical (non) response to that:


Most of the frozen seafood is coming in from asian country’s including from areas around Fukushima Japan! Read the labels and see this for yourselves! Anyone concerned about these facts that would like to remove the radiation from their body should do a radiation detox with the mineral called Zeolite that has been proven to safely remove both radiation and heavy metal from the body! For more information on zeolite and how it removes radiation do a Goggle search for the single word Zeolite.

There’s no way of proving it, but I’m guessing that Barry is just as worked up about global warming as he is his radioactive seaweed, and blames the evil “banksters” for both. Oh dear.


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11 responses to “Canada has idiots too – somehow, that’s reassuring

  1. Dolphins Fan

    Your prediction on the next Greenwich Olympian, Megan Lynch, is looking pretty good:
    There is a video of her record breaking swim in the comments. Very impressive.

  2. Mark B.

    CF – apparently you need an “Off Topic” section…

  3. To return to topic–

    News12 ran a health story this afternoon by Gillian Neff that 75% of Stamford wells have high levels of Uranium. This makes long-term drinking and cooking dangerous. Bathing OK! Enjoy.
    Likely applies to Greenwich too.

  4. Al Dente

    Who has a good recipe for meatloaf?

    • live dangerously… how about paella instead?

    • AJ

      My recipe for extra tasty diner style meatloaf:

      Take one pound each of ground beef, ground pork, and ground veil and put in a large stainless steel mixing bowl. Crack one ex. Large egg into a cereal bowl (to make sure it’s good before you dump it on the meat) beat with a fork and add to the meat. Add one box of Stovetop turkey stuffing (dried bread with seasoning). Chop up half an 8 oz. box of mushrooms and add. Chop up three stalks of celery and add. Add a handful of Black Diamond broken up walnut halves (optional). Then knead the whole thing in the bowl until the ingredients are well mixed.

      Shape into a loaf about ten to twelve inches long, by about eight inches wide, by about three inches thick on a sheet of wax paper of aluminum foil (so you can pick it up without breaking it). Place in a large casserole baking dish on one of those grill things (to keep it from sitting in the grease, then slide the foil or wax paper out from under it. Sprinkle the top with Italian seasoned bread crumbs, then squiggle on some factory ketchup (factory ketchup is baked on ketchup as opposed to aftermarket ketchup which you might put on after cooking; it tastes different when it’s baked on).

      Put in a preheated oven at 325 degrees for about 2 ½ hours. After it’s browned (or before if you prefer) you can cover it with foil to keep it from splattering your oven (you can also put the casserole dish on a baking sheet to catch any grease that drips down from inside the foil).

      Mix together a can of Cordon Blue beef and mushroom gravy. Serve with a side of canned peas and instant mashed potatoes smothered in gravy. Tastes like good diner food, only better. Everyone who tries my meatloaf likes my meatloaf.

  5. AJ

    Ever hear of A-Men? Well, they’re sort of like G-Men, only they track down stuff to do with atoms. The moral of the story? There is no room for the lone wolf when it comes to atomic research.

    • Yos

      Well, there are plenty of A-Men about. (I happen to have it on good authority that L.A. is rather a Breast-Man.)