I expect to hear outrage from Hollywood stars


Allah at the Gates of Dublin

Allah at the Gates of Dublin

Trinity College, Dublin, removes Bible from its crest  Been there since 1592, but this is the brave new world.


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13 responses to “I expect to hear outrage from Hollywood stars

  1. housecat

    They objected to the inclusion of the bible in the crest of *Trinity College*? Are they planning on a name change, too, or do they not know what the “trinity” part stands for?

    • They’re changing that too. It now stands for Allah, Mohammad and Obama.

      • Mazama

        Changing the original college seal is simply wrongheaded but no doubt someone “objected” so it had to go. But according to the college’s name origin per Wikipedia there’s less of a name change happening than an effort to emphasize the college’s complete formal name:

        “Trinity College (Irish: Coláiste na Tríonóide), formally known as the College of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Queen Elizabeth near Dublin,[5] is the sole constituent college of the University of Dublin in Ireland. The college was founded in 1592 as the “mother” of a new university,[Note 1] modelled after the collegiate universities of Oxford and of Cambridge, but, unlike these, only one college was ever established; as such, the designations “Trinity College” and “University of Dublin” are usually synonymous for practical purposes.”

        I spent a total of about 10 months in Ireland in 1972 and 1978-79. Lots of great memories of a beautiful, charming and pleasant but poor (especially in 1972) country. Now they’re relatively wealthy but from what I can tell of the present state of the country and its society I’ll keep my memories and not spoil them by visiting there again.

  2. Greenwich Gal

    Good point housecat.
    The way of the future – not sure that is such a good thing. We all, atheists included, need to have some respect for the past.

    • housecat

      I’ll admit that I’m no fan of organized religion, but things like this are just beyond ludicrous -like the ACLU filing suit against the city of Las Cruces because they didn’t like the pairing of religious reference with the municipal. (Never mind that the entire state of California is filled with cities named after Catholic saints.) Theater of the absurd.

  3. Tony

    My maternal grandfather was born in Ireland in the late 1800. The wife and I visited Ireland on our 25 anniversary. I took time to visit the university and was fascinated by “The Book of Kells” with its ornate and beautiful lettering. This is indeed a sad news from an historical point of view…

  4. anon2

    O/T: PBS is airing a show now called Women who Make America. All liberals, like Oprah, Barbara Walters (tell me how she changed the world). Gloria Steinem. Hillary Clinton. Ellen Degeneres. Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Not one woman of faith or with conservative values. What a disgusting and blatantly partisan show. I watched 3 seconds and changed to Matlock. That’s how bad the PBS show was.

    • pbs comedy

      only reviews jew comics like mel brooks, sid ceasarcarl reiner overb and over like no one else isb funny

  5. dogwalker

    Closer to home . . . some time ago I heard that the YMCA keeps that green bunting up because they want to cover the word “Christian”. Anyone know whether that is true? I had mixed feeling until a menorah appeared on the lawn during Hanukkah. Suddenly my more fundamental friends who talk about Christianity being suppressed don’t sound so silly.

  6. realist

    Yeah, Christianity is being suppressed. Ba ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! As if.
    There is still a bible on the crest; it is an open bible, not a closed bible. Whew!
    They are also changing the crest’s colors, so you can worry about that too. (Maybe they are now gang colors, e.g., Crips, Pagans, Hell’s Angels …)
    However, re “YMCA”, yes that rumor is completely true. I learned they have filed Change of Corporate Name papers to “YMA”.

  7. ajnock

    Western Civilization is being purged of the thoughts and things that it was built upon.