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Future litigant

Future litigant

It is now a crime in England to fail to show your children enough love.

The campaign to amend The Children and Young Persons Act, with sections dating back to 1868, was started in April 2012 by the charity Action for Children. A spokesman for the charity said the change was a “monumental step” towards protecting the young.

“I’ve met children who have been scapegoated in their families, constantly humiliated and made to feel unloved,” Sir Tony Hawkhead, the charity’s chief executive said. “The impact is devastating and can lead to lifelong mental health problems and, in some cases, suicide.

We are one of the last countries in the West to recognize all forms of child abuse as a crime. Years of campaigning have been rewarded. The Government has listened.”

I can’t believe the American Trial Lawyers Association hasn’t already jumped on this gravy train but I have no doubt they will, soon. If it’s a crime, surely it’s also a civil tort, and suits against parents twenty-year after will be the new asbestos. Sueeeee!


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3 responses to “Lawyers full employment act

  1. AJ

    So how are we going to tell if a family is failing to give a child enough love? There’s only one way that I can think of and that’s “Queen for a Day’s” Clapo-meter as shown at 20:40 of the following clip:

  2. Anonymous

    In Britain, if I remember correctly, contingent legal fees are highly constrained. Also, if Britain hasn’t changed the law in recent years, the loser of a case pays the winner’s legal fees, further limiting lawsuits. So there is no tort bar that resembles anything like ours. Try passing those rules in CT or NY.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Encountered a British barrister some years back poolside in Whistler. BC. Thrust of the conversation was that their contingent fee system was becoming Americanized. Woe unto them I said.