Next up: mandatory criminal background checks and registration of all citizen’s hands and feet

Criminals at large

Criminals at large

Starting April 1st, Connecticut will require  complete criminal background check  to purchase a “long gun” – defined as a regular rifle (not a scary gun – they’re banned completely) or shotgun. This is supposedly a response to gun crime, yet FBI statistics show that more murders are committed with hands and feet than with long guns. 728 vs.679, out of a population of 300+ million. By comparison, in 2011 3,880 Americans died from the recreational use of dihydrogen monoxide, which remains unregulated.

Again – and again and again and again – these rules are designed solely to harass gun owners and hunters and have nothing, absolutely nothing to do with preventing murder and mayhem on our streets. Harassment, and the never-slaked thirst of witless politicians to demonstrate to voters that they’re “doing something” about whatever is the passion of the day.

Thank you, Scott Frantz.


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25 responses to “Next up: mandatory criminal background checks and registration of all citizen’s hands and feet

  1. Al Dente

    My Uncle Al’s feet smelled so bad I bought a rifle and threatened to shoot him if he took off his shoes in my presence, so maybe that’s a good law. I hope I added something meaningful to the discussion.

    And speaking of April 1st, maybe they’ll announce the whole Obama presidency thing was just a gag.

  2. Once

    Long gun eligibility certificate cost $35 and is good for five years. The State well knows people forget to renew stuff so if your certificate expires they will probably have more rules, restrictions and bigger fees. Just another tax.

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    It’s cool, Frantz got what he wanted out of the deal, honorary membership in Moms Demand Attention

  4. Anonimo

    LeRoy Scott Frantz.

  5. Konnecticut is gone, who needs it, these POS legislators can kiss my ass as I drive away looking for property in a state with less taxes, more liberty and for the love of GOD, warmer weather!

    • anon2

      Tas: There are fewer and fewer options for your escape wish list. States that used to be go-to’s, like Virginia, are now no better than CT. What are you thinking? Texas? It has extreme weather problems though so it wouldn’t be on my list. Wyoming won’t give you all the sun you want. That leaves Florida.

      • sunbeam43

        The weather in Texas certainly cannot be any more extreme than it is here in CT…………and the freedom it imbues is a joy that you sure as heck can’t find in CT! CT just keeps getting worse and worse! That is why Texas is on the top my travel list.

  6. And who remembers when these pieces of dung decided to implement the income tax and swore to us, they begged us to trust them that it was only temporary?
    THEY LIE, they cheat, they steal, they believe they are the Royals and we the subjects!

  7. Art layton

    Oh the terrible burden on gun owners!

  8. when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns

    • sunbeam43


    • Art layton

      Where do criminals get guns? Isn’t it true that they have gotten them from legitimate gun owners who are free to sell their firearms to anyone without any reporting requirements? They can’t all be stolen (from a home where gun safes aren’t used).

      • ask Leland Yee, Wilson Lim, and Shrimp Boy

      • Toonces

        Art – criminals primarily buy guns from other criminals. They get them illegally and sell them illegally. You need to meet some gun owners, the vast majority of whom are very responsible. I would much rather be at Starbucks or, say, a McDonalds, sitting next to someone who has a carry permit, when some lunatic comes in to shoot the place up. Wouldn’t you? or would you rather our country be a gun free zone so that the criminals have nothing to worry about, no one to stop them? In Israel, teachers are required to carry I believe. There are no school shootings there. Read the post from Anonymous @ 10:51 – an excellent explanation for why there is gun crime in America. It’s not PC to say, but we have diversity and there are positive things about that, very positive, but some negative effects as well.

  9. Anonymous

    violent gun crime is concentrated in less than 1% of the land area of the U.S. it occurs where three conditions intersect:
    – African Americans as greater than 30% of the population,
    – per capital median income under 25,000,
    – population density greater than 640 per square mile.

    urban black welfare males commit the majority of gun violence in this country. the rest of the country, is about as safe as the gay little european countries which everyone likes to tout as models of civility. rural areas of the U.S. are much safer than europe.

  10. Toonces

    Art -please look at what happened in Britain when they banned guns. Chris R’s maxim is correct.

  11. JJM

    Here’s the real kicker. To get a long gun permit, one needs to take a 14 hour class. To get a pistol permit, one need to take an 8 hour class. Here’s where it gets good, the pistol permit class INCLUDES the long gun class and is 6 hour less than the long gun class. I shoot skeet, now I have a pistol permit. Unintended legislator intent just made a guy who just wanted to be able to buy target loads a licensed concealed weapons carrier. Genius!