No doubt reader Art Layton would have preferred to wait for trained hostage negotiators to rescue him


Peter Tesei's solution to Greenwich crime

Peter Tesei’s solution to Greenwich crime

Gunman enters Dollar General store and starts herding customers into rear room before licensed pistol owner shoots him dead. It’s never a good sign when folks are shoved out of sight during a robbery – in fact, most times they all end up dead, which is probably why the police here are calling the good Samaritan a hero.

ORRVILLE — Law enforcement officials are calling Marlo Ellis a hero in the wake of Thursday’s shooting at the Dollar General in Orrville. Ellis shot and killed Dallas County resident Kevin McLaughlin after McLaughlin entered the store, reportedly shouting and waving a gun. Authorities said that as McLaughlin was leading a group of people into a break room, Ellis turned and used his own pistol to shoot McLaughlin. Ellis’ weapon was concealed according to Sheriff Harris Huffman. McLaughlin was pronounced dead shortly after the shooting. Dallas County Sheriff’s Department chief deputy Randy Pugh said McLaughlin’s motive is still unclear, but the death appeared to be a case of self-defense. “We don’t know what would have happened, but we know what could have happened,” Pugh said. “We see every indication that the shooting was a case of self defense.” He said Ellis was properly certified to carry a concealed weapon. Though, Ellis may have broken the law by entering the store with a weapon. A sign at the store’s entrance says the Dollar General does not allow the open carry of firearms, but neither the sheriff’s department nor District Attorney Michael Jackson say they plan to press charges against Ellis.

When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.


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15 responses to “No doubt reader Art Layton would have preferred to wait for trained hostage negotiators to rescue him

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    Well if Dollar General bars the open carrying of firearms in its stores and Mr Ellis was carrying a CONCEALED handgun then how did he violate the store’s policy which would at most make him guilty of simple trespass?

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    Yes like the trained hostage negotiators that DESPP dispatched to Dr. Petit’s residence and stood around outside as the doc’s wife and daughters were being actively raped and murdered with negotiators just outside.

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    Dammit. I wish you had an edit feature on this platform.

  4. Once

    Does Dollar General plan on filing a complaint posthumously on the gunman for carrying a gun openly?

  5. Anonymous

    Since we are on the police topic:
    GPD is a disgrace .
    Overpaid bullies.
    What can we as residents do ?

    • Join them, change them from within. Personally, I get along fine with the few policemen I encounter, but that’s probably because they’re helping me find wandering parents and the like. Some of the younger cops do have chips on their shoulders, which I attribute to their being unused to exercising authority and thus being a little scared and over-eager.Your results may differ.

  6. Art layton

    I enjoy seeing my name in headlines. Please tell me, how many people have you shot? How easy do you think it is to shoot someone? How likely is it for you to hit your target? Unless you have done this, shut up!

      • Art layton

        It seems every gun owner has this fantasy where he (or she) will pull out their concealed handgun and with one shot bring down a criminal while committing a crime. Until you use your weapon on a human being, you have no idea how hard it is to shoot another human being, let alone actually hit them. More likely, if the gun owner is able to pull the trigger he or she will simply miss or spray more bullets all over.

        • Well I have never had occasion to draw a weapon on another human being, nor do I hope to. On the other hand, I do practice (albeit in controlled, range situations) and I do hunt, which can include snap shots. As for reluctance to pull the trigger on a human being, I rather doubt that I’d have any hesitation if, say my child was in danger. I’ve heartlessly killed big-eyed does who offered no offense, so why not an individual intent on harming me? I’m just not so big hearted as you think I am.

          Again, I certainly hope I never have to face such a situation. Could I do it? I think so, but you may be right that I couldn’t; either way, your insistence that discussion of gun rights should be limited to those who have killed and the rest of us should “shut up” seems to be an unduly restrictive approach to the topic,and one which I will ignore.

        • Anonymous

          I suppose in Mr. Layton’s world every US soldier would have to “pull the trigger” on a human being before he/she went off to war. Did the military get this memo?

  7. sheknowshowtodefendherself

    why does this not surprise me? Art Layton

    Elected Official at City of Stamford

    Stamford, Connecticut (Greater New York City Area)

  8. Hu Nuh?

    Art Layton is way too busy with his own pathetic fantasies to have any time to divine the fantasies of any gun owner. Activate Bozo Filter!