Put a cork in it, Barry

Bung holeObama wants to ban farting as part of his global warming campaign.


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9 responses to “Put a cork in it, Barry

  1. anon2

    I did something this morning looking out the window at the sleet. What’s up with that?

  2. Meanwhile you alma mama U Huskies mascot finally makes sense!
    Will they be unionized too?
    Mandatory Milk Bone breaks?

  3. Pop Culture Guru

    I’m shocked, and dismayed, you haven’t reported on the breaking news from MSNBC that Ronan Farrow’s new show there is on the brink of getting the axe. Low ratings. How could that be? Liberal network. Liberal audience. What’s not to love about another liberal news reader?

    Speaking of news readers, a shocking turn of events. GMA news reader Josh Elliott, formerly a SI “reporter”, demanded a huge salary increase and was shown the door. Good for ABC. His job could be done as well by a monkey. He’s heading to NBC Sports, aka, Nowheresville.

    Finally, last night Billionaire Oprah and multi-multi millionaire Maria Shriver hosted a Town Hall event called “Living Paycheck to Paycheck.” Am I the only one thinking this is hysterical? And hypocritical?

  4. Publius

    It is going to be eerily silent in DC if this happens…..

  5. Cobra

    If Obozo is serious about reducing methane emissions (example below), he should tell Joe Bite Me to STFU. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-5yrlsP66_ew/UzhJ5rZ6OxI/AAAAAAAAKS0/gOk9dAGMSK4/s1600/Where-The-Sun-Don%27t-Shine.jpg

  6. ajnock

    Wonder if EPA has job title for fart sniffers? Anyone want to take the over/under on number of pages for job description?

  7. Libertarian Advocate

    Ha! Obama has just found a palatable way to unload the woodie in favor of Reggie (NTTAWWT).

  8. Libertarian Advocate

    Wookie that is