Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the Mickster’s got himself a stealth listing

510 Valley Road

510 Valley Road

Cos Cobber asked about 510 Valley Road, $3.750 million, and wondered whether it was a new listing or had he been asleep at the wheel? If he was dozing, so was I, because I didn’t see this come on. What a gorgeous house. This is up Valley, just past Mimosa and immediately before the third bridge (counting up from the Post Road) crossing the Mianus, where the river is ponded by the water company’s dam a half-mile down stream. Perfect location and a beautiful house, for a great price. A tip of the tam-o shanter to Mickster for getting that right.

Its open houes is this Thursday and I’ll report on it then, but you probably should hurry: the Mickster is rumored to have carved a potato into the shape of St. Joseph and stuck it head down in the beet garden, so this will undoubtedly sell quickly.


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27 responses to “Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the Mickster’s got himself a stealth listing

  1. Anonymous

    Bum link to house on Richmond.

  2. Cos Cobber

    I have always been intrigued by this home. It has a big presence – in a good way.

    Its a little alarming whomever lives here will have unfettered access to my town drinking water!

  3. ShedLessToolMan

    I prefer the exterior to the interior. I suppose this could be fixed with some staging. The lack of continuity is dreadful and would lead me to believe that the current occupants may be renters. The exterior is curb appeal to the max! This seems like a high price point for the area. Hmmm.

    • Anon

      What are you seeing that I can’t? I still have the Richmond link.

    • BigMick

      We have an old Irish expression – if I want your opinion, I’ll beat it out of you! LOL
      It’s a spectacular home (inside and out) in a idyllic location.

  4. Anonymous

    Any of the property in Stamford?
    It’s awful close.

  5. housecat

    Did Mickster change his handle to BigMick?

  6. This is a beautiful location. Interesting to see those nice fireplaces – with no soot, it looks like they’ve never actually seen any combustion. Isn’t the point of fireplaces to have fires?

  7. Riverside

    This is a good looking house (particularly the exterior – not loving the interiors), and not to be critical, but I have often wondered if this is one of those houses that looks great when you’re driving by, but might actually be not-so-well sited for actual living. For example, one of the main attractions of the site is the riverfront, which is highlighted in the listing. However, the prime riverfront seems to be taken up by the driveway and garage. Without understanding the site well, it would seem that placing the garages on the other side, and having lawn and/or terraces or other family living spaces on the river would have been much nicer and a better use of that great feature. Also, the house is very exposed to the road, which is maybe unavoidable but definitely would impact the quality of living there.

    • Anon

      I agree with you Riverside…
      Interior to me seems overwrought – fireplaces, everything overbuilt, overdone, overpriced.
      Also: I look at that garage and picture pulling out and backing right into that river.
      I am wondering how people with kids will feel about this.
      Maybe a fence can be put up alongside the river? What say you BigMickster?

      • If you’re in danger of backing out of your garage into the river, you should’t be driving. As for children drowning, they don’t – swimming pools are another matter.

        • Anon

          The river is RIGHT there when you back out. Just think about when it is slippery snowy. What do you think – would the town allow a fence there?
          That would help

  8. Anon

    All major rooms – living room, dining room, master bed overlook river. Terraces overlook river. Part of lawn overlooks river. Little or no impact from lightly traveled road. Beautiful vistas from terrace. Been to a couple of parties there…interior layout is open but traditional.

  9. towny

    Better hustle a contract BigSlick, fishing season opens Saturday the 19th.

  10. pulled up in OG

    Plumbers added another bathroom today, eh?

  11. Artie

    What kind of a listing description is that?