New waterfront listing, Old Greenwich


Ah,the good old days, when, if you wanted waterfront property, you just made it yourself!

Ah,the good old days, when, if you wanted waterfront land, you just made it yourself.

25 East Point Lane, one-day-only price, $10.995 million. Owner paid $4.1 for the land in 2002 and built this beauty on it. Very nice, and I’d be tempted (only the matter of funding keeps me from jumping on it), but I’ve been looking up in Maine lately and I must say, the dollar goes quite a bit less here than it does up there. On the other hand, this one has multiple baths – in Maine, they seem to think that one will suffice regardless of number of bedrooms.

Fantastic views, beautiful workmanship, and you can even walk to the beach. Go get it.

Joe Barbieri listing.

UPDATE: Owner tells me that flood insurance is $465 per year, excess coverage, $15,000 per yr.


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45 responses to “New waterfront listing, Old Greenwich

  1. anon

    I must be jaded because $10m seems a complete bargain for this home. I know Louise Brooks personally and her interiors are always perfection. Not overdone. I can’t afford the property taxes so I’m out of the bidding. Boo Hoo.

    Hope you can get a boat there at low tide!

  3. Anonymous

    Beautiful home, inside and out. Off the market by Tax Day.
    Joey B,
    Congrats on all your success.

  4. Riverside

    Wow! Puts to shame the one on Meadow that (rumor has it) sold for close to $14M (although that did have sunsets…)

  5. Anonymous

    any idea whether it is situated high enough?

  6. Anonymous

    Buyers remorse on meadow place???

  7. Riverside Chick

    Stunning house, stunning views! I’m with everyone else, seems like a bargin. What gives?

  8. sam

    Sitting duck sitting behind a moat. Self-contained flood plain. What’s the flood insurance on this a year?

  9. Anonymous

    somehow, and i’m going to go out on a limb here, whoever buys this really doesn’t care about flood insurance.

    they’re part of the, “why yes, i self-insure” club.

    • If you consider the minimal amount flood insurance paid on claims – $250,000? something like that- you’ll realize that most waterfront property owners are self-insured. In any event, this house was built in 2003-2004, by which time there were far more stringent regulations in place than there were when the original grand homes of Old Greenwich were being built 100 years ago. Different results in storm, although the owner of a house not far from here, who’s had storm surges blast his house twice in twenty years, pretty much summed it up when he said, “it’s the price of the view”. That owner, a friend of mine, is still there, with no intention of moving. Of course, he does have a private jet, so he can take his family to their third or fourth home while displaced, but more power to him.

  10. Chris, great summary of reality (pun and no pun?).
    Sound level rise is miniscule.
    Surge has been overblown… no rain Sandy with worst wind time and direction change makes it the perfect storm to debunk base calcs.
    Wave protection is much more important and can be accomplished using dredge spoil (clean) instead of “Policy” that has it dumped offshore.
    All species will be happy with larger Islands and present low tide visible rock, reef areas turned into Islands. ohh except green weasel subspecies…
    Greenwich Archipelago Revitalization Project in the offing SOON.
    Permit process underway…..will need sail ins and occupy Sound tidal community activists to humiliate present PC status!
    Dredge Baby Dredge
    P.S. the science IS settled, Dredge is not a 4 letter word, except for subspecies…
    Future: MORE FUN!

    • anon

      punctuation would be much appreciated. it is difficult to know what you just said Peter.

    • housecat

      Just kidding re: the cocktail hour bit, peter. 5:00’s much too early for me – still on the clock, so to speak.

      • anon….you do get it!
        3 dimensional joining at area adjacent to feature to be protected from waves with farthest fetch reach undermines the power and velocity leaving energy gap that can protect ecosystem there….groins & jetties do not provide that and should be used at last resort…..3 d snark equation was first used on the Mediterranean to protect shore assets before big government Roman Empire……and along the Indonesian coast before that…all by hand and rope pulley system…..
        Probaly after 5 there now….

        • anon

          Your writing style could drive anyone to drink.
          But landscape architects don’t need to be writers. It’s 5 pm in London

  11. Walt

    Dude –
    If we market this right, it can be a real bargain. What does Greenwich really lack? Besides normal people, who don’t have a stick up their ass, and act like real human beings? And Jews? OK. Forget about the Jews.

    We don’t have a SWINGERS CLUB!! At least that I know about. You and Ms. McBeal are probably plugged into the pervert scene. And where is she, BTW? In the hoosegow? Did you two break up?

    Anyways, this is a five bedroom, right? So four to a bedroom, divided by five, gazintas $11 million sprogolis like 4 times. So that is only like $500k each. For that we can have our own Club Med Dude!!

    NUDE VOLLEYBALL!! JETSKI’S!! We will reinvent the Greenwich social scene!! But we need a name. We can’t use Club Med. How about Club Head? Fountains Frolics? Rod’s Point?

    What do you think? Great idea, right?
    Your Pal,

    • housecat

      I vote for Fountain’s Frolics.

    • bunnytee

      how about something really classy like The Fuzzy Bunny? I was going to say The Bunny Hole but managed to think better of that pun before posting.

      Tag, you’re IT, Walt.

  12. Anonymous

    I realize I’m in the minority here, but I never understood how people can go to sleep every night with all of that water so close by. For $10mm, I’d be way inland, behind gates, in the deep forest.

  13. pulled up in OG

    Better keep your doors locked in this neighborhood, never know what the cat might drag in.

    • Anon58

      Thank goodness he wasn’t driving a car. He must have got lit up at either Beach House or Mackenzies, lost his ride, started walking home, then realized (even in his stupor) that, hey, it’s a pretty long walk, screw this, and decided to break into the school. (Just read today that OG custodian is being disciplined for not completing his door check.)

      • As far as I’m concerned, the poor guy did exactly the right thing (okay, maybe not seeking shelter in the school, but no harm, no foul). Lots of people tie one on but the truly objectionable behavior comes when they pour themselves into a car and then risk the lives of third parties. No one was hurt, and though I don’t envy the man his hangover, he was at least responsible enough not to drive home. Good for him.

        • anonymous

          Very true. My best friends son was convicted of DUI in northern Connecticut recently. He got hammered, but decided to sleep it off in his car. A good thing one would think but the police were informed that there was a car in the bar lot way past closing and they knocked on his window to wake him up and get him to move along. BUT, they saw his keys were in the ignition. The car wasn’t running but the letter of CT law is if the keys are in the ignition, it’s a DUI. Stupid as hell in my way of thinking but the judge didn’t care. So this guy is lucky is went into the school.

  14. Anonymous

    Chris – you don’t know whether he was seeking shelter and consciously made a decision not to drive and condoning the “poor guy” who needs no one’s sympathy is one more example of how you often get things wrong.

  15. This guy lives in one of the biggest waterfront houses in Old Greenwich – roughly a mile away from the Old Greenwich School. He probably walked right by the fire station, where he could have stumbled in and asked for help. Most likely had a cellphone, which he could have used to call his wife/nanny or a cab. Driving drunk and breaking into a public building were not the only two options.

  16. Anonymous

    Ironic response given that it was you who passed judgment condoning his behavior and giving sympathies.

  17. Was it all because of his reaction to a video?

  18. Number 54

    To threadjack –

    Don’t know where you’re looking in Maine, but we’re in Round Pond – cute little Mayberry-like village on the water. You can get a pretty big waterfront bang for less than $1MM, and there are a number of listings.

  19. pulled up in OG

    Swap 200 Shore for Round Hill Rd and watch the fur fly.

  20. Redhead

    Why is there absolutely no pictures of Joseph Barbieri on the internet? I think that is very strange, especially for a realtor.