Republicans announce plans to erect public housing at former power plant site

Future home of "Bush Holly Flats"

Future home of “Bush Holly Flats”

Greenwich First Selectman Peter Tesei announced today a proposal to build 1,215 units of moderate income housing at the waterfront property formerly owned by the defunct New Haven Railroad on the Cos Cob waterfront. When completed, the 625 residents of Adams Garden in Riverside will be moved there, and the Adams Garden acreage will be re-zoned for single-family housing and industrial use. Remaining units at what Tesei says will be named “Bush Holley Flats” as a reflection of its architecture and the mud flats surrounding the site, will be reserved for tenants of Armstrong Court, and assigned by lottery.

“The fiasco at GHS taught us something,” Tesei told reporters, “which is that we shouldn’t mess with PCBs. The expense of clearing up that Pandora’s box will be stunning, and even threatens to bankrupt the town in the decades to come. The liability we’d expose taxpayers to if we permitted their children to play on contaminated fields at what until today we’d planned as a recreation area is mind-boggling, and as Chief Executive, I simply won’t let that happen. Yes, it’s a tough decision, and I know that many parents will be disappointed to lose the additional playing fields they, and we had anticipated, but I was elected to lead, and this decision is, I believe, in the very best interest of the town.”

Jim Campbell, Chairman of the Republican Town Committee, flanked Tesei during his speech but declined comment afterwards other than to say, “this one’s on Peter.”




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15 responses to “Republicans announce plans to erect public housing at former power plant site

  1. I'm No Fool

    April Fool’s story! I hope.

  2. Riverside

    April Fools!

  3. Anon58

    The spirit of Sidd Finch lives on!

  4. loveablewhackjob


  5. another starbucks 4 me

    Haha! Almost threw up in my starbucks

  6. Cobra

    Considering past performance of our town leadership, I got about two-thirds through the copy before realizing (hoping) it was an April Fool’s joke. Given the never-ending GHS Music Palace debacle, for example, such folly is not entirely outside the realm of our Greenwich town government’s proclivities.

  7. And just to remind the ever-hip readership of FWIW, this property was purchased for $1 from the State of CT with the solemn promise to clear up the pollution from the old power plant, and to build 24 units of affordable housing.

    So just exactly where did the PCBs end up? Particularly those extracted from the spill area in April 2000. See infrared photos on file of the CCPP site at the Wetlands Agency.

    And where were the housing units built?

    One might take note that some of the housing units were constructed by the Gr. Housing Authority in the flood zone of the Byram River in Pemberick in blatant violation of the State’s Stream Channel Encroachment Lines, which restrictions were conveniently ignored by the Wetlands Agency in the approval process.

    PS- This is not an April Fool’s joke.

  8. Rivman

    Ahhh, PCB filtrated water…nothing better!

  9. Stanwich

    Oh god, thank goodness I read the comments. This post put me in a really bad mood until I discovered I was hoodwinked (again) by a Greenwich realtor.

  10. Once

    April Fools, schools. It’s too damn believable.

  11. Sound Beacher

    Funny, but I did see a lot of trucks and eath moving equipment working at that site today when I went by on the train this morning.