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25 East Point Lane, Old Greenwich

25 East Point Lane, Old Greenwich

First off is 25 East Point Lane, in Old Greenwich, $10.995 million. It’s absolutely fabulous, from the quality of construction to its design and layout to the incredible views up and down Long Island Sound from almost every window. If you want to live on the water in Greenwich, this is the place to do it. My guess? Gone in a week; there’s really nothing like this out there.

Another house that didn’t disappoint was 510 Valley Road, $3.750 million. Even nicer inside than out, with beautiful finish work, nicely-proportioned rooms and great space. For the reader concerned that a tipsy nanny might back out of one of the three garages we see in the picture, know that the real entrance is around back, where the biggest danger is being

510 Valley Road

510 Valley Road

attacked by wolf-dogs or some-such wildlife. The 7,000 5,300 sq. ft. on the listing does not include the huge, walk-out basement, which has already been plumbed and could be done up as yet another bedroom or semi-private movie theatre or whatever suits an owner’s fancy. The current owners must have decided that 7,000 sq. ft. was sufficient to meet their needs and unless you’re insane, you will too. Michael Dinneen, Coldwell,  is the listing agent.

A third house I liked was Vicky Harris’s (Raveis) listing at 269 Stanwich Road which is really on Cat Rock. It’s a rather quirky old 1915 renovated and expanded farmhouse that doesn’t need too much, but the master bathroom is laughable. I’d sacrifice the tiny bedroom next to it and put in a real bathroom, but there’s no need to do so – no one’s thought it was necessary since 1915, obviously. Asking price is $2.025, which is probably high, given the work to be done, but it’s ballpark. Nice house.

269 Stanwich Rd

269 Stanwich Rd


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21 responses to “Open House Report

  1. anon

    Who would leave this gem? Job relocation would seem unlikely as today many families opt to keep wife and children in place and husband commutes, even if it’s to Texas. I hope its not Divorce. This house should have happy bones.

    • Not divorce, happy family; the owner just wanted to move closer to me.

      • anon

        That house exudes happiness. Especially the lighthouse shaped coat cubby. I’d pay $10m just for the thrill of using that. I’d plunk myself down, pee around the perimeter, stake a claim and never leave. It would even be an easy toss to throw my ashes into the water after I expire.

  2. anon

    My comment went with the east point house. You added to the post between when I commented and it appeared.

  3. Anon

    Sq footage is actually 5300. Basement is extra, I believe.

  4. ShedLessToolMan

    east point lane is perfection.. wish I had that much money to spend

  5. Libertarian Advocate

    does not include the huge, walk-out basement, which has already been plumbed and could be done up as yet another bedroom or semi-private movie theatre or whatever suits an owner’s fancy.

    Private pistol range?

    • What a brilliant idea! The agent’s grandfather was an IRA terrorist freedom fighter gun runner, so if he’s got some old, unused weapons still hanging around ….

  6. ajnock

    The one on East Pont Lane had to have had damage from Sandy. I’d be careful buying that one.

  7. Anonymous

    If I had me some TARP funds, you damned right I’d buy East Point. A fraction of a cent here & there is all it takes.

  8. Joey

    The Stanwich house has a zestimate of 1.45 million, which does not sound far off. Looks like more bad advice given by the listing agent me. Good luck selling it.

  9. sam

    that east point house — basement must be below sea level. that’s gotta be landfill. And if Al Gore’s right — and the seas rise 14′ in the next decade, … well.

    • The house was designed and built to proper regulatory standards, which means water doesn’t invade the house. If the seas rise 14′ well, ain’t no one on either coast who’ll still be around to worry about it.

    • pulled up in OG

      Basement can’t flood cause there ain’t one.
      Crawl space.

  10. sam

    how high are those walls? this house is a flood problem. look at the picture. eight-ten feet higher, it gets eight million more. Mark it.