Transplanted Texans, rejoice: the Alamo’s dropped its price again



18 Pinecroft, original

18 Pinecroft, original

18 Pinecroft is now down to  $6 million. Owners paid $6.5 million for it when it was new in 2004 and piled still more money into it fitting it out. I think it’s a great house, but you have to get past its exterior to appreciate that, and the original asking price 400 days ago of $7.250 made that harder to do.

(It occurs to me that if a Russian comes along and buys this at an even-further-reduced price, we can say it was reduced to ruble)

18 Pinecroft (copy0

18 Pinecroft (restored)


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10 responses to “Transplanted Texans, rejoice: the Alamo’s dropped its price again

  1. Anonymous

    It appears that once, perhaps in 1992, a container of yogurt was opened in that kitchen.

  2. MidCountry Texan

    As a transplanted Texan and new Greenwich home owner, I can only ask WHY???

  3. outside: ick!, inside: slick!
    (Warning: no dramamine, no video)

    • towny

      Never ceases to amaze on sellers approval of listing agents taking such shitty photos and videos. Natural light steaming into those oversize windows would make that man cave a whole heck of a lot more appealing. Good thing its not my house, as the listing agent would have my bootprints on their ass.

  4. Riverside Dog Walker

    It looks more like a hotel or a corporate retreat place than a home, given the furnishings and all the separate seating areas.

    • towny

      Unfortunately, Greenwich has become a ‘builders monument’ town. A million square feet of overbuilt never to be properly utilized space.

  5. Anon

    Russian mafia palace in Slovakia?

  6. Cobra

    21st Century Russian architecture designed by Boris of Brighton Beach.