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ABC's Linzie Janice, ignorant Fluke

ABC’s Linzie Janice, ignorant Fluke

ABC news conflates ousted Mozilla CEO  Brendan Eich’s $1,000 dollar contribution to an ant-gay marriage ballot proposition six years ago (a position held by almost ery politician at the time, including the current occupant of the White House) with the tactics of the Westboro Church.

According to Good Morning America’s Linzie Janis, a CEO who made a donation in opposition to gay marriage is the same as the hateful members of the Westboro Baptist Church. On Friday, Janis reported on Brendan Eich, the former head of the tech company Mozilla. Eich was ousted after liberal groups found out that in 2008 he made a $1000 donation to support Proposition 8 in California.

As  Janis spoke about the six-year-old donation, video footage of Westboro Baptist protesters with “God hates fags” and “soldiers die 4 fag marriage” signs appeared on-screen

It’s all about the narrative.


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21 responses to “Media feeding frenzy

  1. TheWizard

    The verdict is in.

    Can’t deny gays anything they want or I’m a hater / homophobe / prick in general and one of my personal favorites from the left, I “fear those who aren’t like me”.

    It’s nazi witch hunt time.

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    They’ve got 7 months to do as much damage as they can, then the political winds will shift 180 degs.

    • Inagua

      There will be no change in the political winds because the zeitgeist in contemporary America is firmly set and bi-partisan: More Free Stuff. Consider the case of the 73-year old who recently died an agonizing death because Medicare wouldn’t pay for a needed kidney dialysis treatment. The so-called libertarian/conservative author Jeffrey Lord of the so-called libertarian/conservative American Spectator blames Obama Care. But the blame belongs to the patient and his family who never even considered paying for this one dialysis treatment with their own money. The article doesn’t mention it, but the cost of a dialysis treatment is about $250. There is no real difference between Right Wing Jeffrey Lord complaining that the government wouldn’t pay for a dialysis treatment and Left Wing Sandra Fluke complaining that her college wouldn’t pay for her birth control pills. The Welfare Entitlement State mentality is now nearly universal. Here is the article. Read it and weep.

  3. Pure Fluff

    The kicker is that that Prop 8 actually passed in California. It was only subsequent lawsuits that nullified the will of the people. So gay marriage was turned down by the majority of Californians and as such was the majority position.

    The Gaystapo Gaystas act as if they have the majority position and want to quash all dissent. Of course they have 95% of the media, so they wield a sufficiently blunt device to silence all critics as haters and homophobes.

    What’s the term for haters of traditional marriage? We should start tossing that one back at them.

    • Anonymous

      It passed because blacks came out en masse to vote for Obama and the usually Baptist group overwhelmingly voted for Prop 8. I believe most anti gay marriage bills have been passed on the strength of the black and Hispanic voters. What’s a liberal to do with that stake in her back?

  4. A group published maps with home locations of all donors to group he donated to….NOT KIDDING!

  5. Dr. Poo

    Interview a gay man on TV and ask if he does the oral-anal buffet. He does, of course, but will never admit it. It would gross out even the most ardent pansy lovers.

    • Walt

      That may be the most inane, ignorant comment that I have ever read. Do you feel proud of yourself?

      What people do behind closed doors should stay behind closed doors.

      The problem with the Gays now is they want to stuff their gayness in your face. STOP IT !! We don’t care. GO BE GAY!! Who cares? You do Halloween better than us. We can deal with it. But you have to live with Ellen. Do we stuff that in your face? NO!! So stop stuffing your gayness in ours. NO ONE CARES!!
      So the Gay Nazi’s have to stop. It is uncivilized. They fight with flailing arms, foot kicks, and eye scratching. STOP IT!!

      Let’s all just dress up, do a prance, and all get along. What is wrong with that? You Homo’s.

      • Dr. Poo

        You can’t speak to me like that. I’m a doctor!

        • Walt

          I can speak to you whomever I god damn I want. Fucktard. At least for now. Until the Libtards ban free speach. Which is not that long away. Until then, go fuck yourself. And yes, I am glad I can say that. When I can’t we will all be screwed. Think about that. You moronic little retard. Not you Dude. The reader.

        • Walt

          However. Anus.

      • TheWizard

        The reader out-grossed-out you, and you are struggling to deal with it.


    • sunbeam43

      The conversation would be bleeped! Going, yet again, to prove this practice is odious and repugnant to most!

  6. The liberals execute Eich for a thoughtcrime (look it up in George Orwell’s 1984). You conservatives won’t be allowed to retain high-paying jobs, if you continue to hold opinions we liberals don’t like.

    Eich lost his job because the law in California requires the disclosure of everyone who donates $100 to a referendum effort. The gays use the disclosure to intimidate donors, and silence donors’ constitutional First Amendment right of free speech. Of the nine Supreme Court justices, how many do you think opposed this disclosure rule, and its chilling effect on free speech? One: Clarence Thomas, in a lone opinion in the Citizens United case.

    Your private political donations are no longer confidential and secret. Next your choices in the voting-booth will be made public. Are you good with that?

    Walt is right: “The problem with the Gays now is they want to stuff their gayness in your face. STOP IT !! We don’t care. GO BE GAY!!”

    Gays are only 2-5% of the population. Then why do gay issues seem like a third of the media’s focus? We don’t care.

    The gays claim to be an oppressed and powerless minority. Yet if you offend them, your career is over before sundown. No other modern group or institution (the church, the army, the government, the oil companies) has that power.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      At B.U. Now long ago, I had a gay French Lit professor, who had us read Stendahl’s Le Rouge et Le Noir. During a class discussion on some gay themed element in the novel, the Prof offhandedly noted that homosexuality was once the love that dared not speak it’s name but today is the love that won’t STFU. Bear in mind that he made that comment over thirty years ago. Today that same gay prof would likely be sent to gay re-education camp for such an act of gay treason.

  7. jB

    So expect to be screened on gay rights on your next job interview. No big deal. Right?