Probably thought he was at Old Greenwich school


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Home Coming Day

Drunk driver smashes into Riverside home under mistaken impression that his ex-girl friend lived there.


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  1. Mistaken immersion…you are getting better every day! Funny…

  2. AJ

    And to think, he was driving a Subaru. Usually Subaru buyers are nonaggressive, highly educated, greenie types who almost always pay cash: buyers looking for financing is rare.

    This is just another example of why America should legalize weed because weed smokers are usually peacenik types, who, at worst, might be aggressive in asking, “What can I do to help?” I remember when Guido first discovered weed and replaced the consumption of alcohol with the smoking of weed: he went from wanting to kick everybody’s ass to wanting to be everybody’s friend, thereby considerably reducing the number of fight-victim trips to the emergency room. And please, spare us any idiotic comments like, “If you think weed should be legal, you must really like getting high.” As if any person who wanted to buy some weed couldn’t already find some, and that making it legal will make it more available than it already is. But it will put an end to incidents of brutal police state thuggery and gangsterism like the following:

    “Botch A Drug Raid? No Problem, Just Seal The Warrant, Citizen Complaint And Gag Order Itself

    from the let-no-stone-be-turned dept

    Anyone can make a mistake. The best solution is to acknowledge it, make amends if needed, and move forward, striving to learn from the experience. Far too many entities opt instead for bluster, obfuscation and intimidation, rather than deal with the consequences of their screwup. This is especially true for law enforcement agencies, who often use everything in their power to avoid having to admit anything went wrong, much less take responsibility for it.

    Here’s what went wrong recently, to the detriment of a person who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time: his own house.

    A Benedict Avenue resident contends Huron County deputies forced their way into his home Tuesday without a search warrant.

    John Collins, who lives in one unit of a triplex home at 114 Benedict Ave., contends deputies got the wrong address when they executed the search warrant. The warrant was for the unit next to his, he said.

    The deputies handcuffed him and left him lying on the floor in his unit for 20 minutes after they realized the mistake, Collins said.
    Bad enough, but it gets worse.
    They tore through his home, he said, after cuffing him and forcing him to the floor facedown. “They searched my whole house, pulled stuff out my closet, broke a couple knick knacks” he said.

    One deputy also stepped on his tablet, shattering its screen. Another broke a ceramic decoration that once belonged to his now-deceased son, Collins said…

    Two deputies must have realized the mistake, Collins said, because they recognized him from their school days and had to have known he was not the man identified in the search warrant. The deputies went next door, he said. They made contact with the residents there — who were later arrested for drug trafficking.

    But six or so other deputies continued searching Collins’ home.

    How did the offending deputies rectify the situation after they realized they had both the wrong home and the wrong person? They uncuffed him and left, as if all of the above had never happened.

    Collins filed a complaint against the Huron County Sheriff’s Department and asked for a copy of the search warrant. This is when the department went on full lockdown with some help from the local judiciary.
    Huron County Common Pleas Court Judge Timothy Cardwell issued a secret gag order March 21 to seal the search warrant. The gag order is also secret, Cardwell’s court clerk said after the Register asked for a copy of the order.
    Even Collins’ complaint itself is now under seal, and the Sheriff’s Department is circling the wagons, digging a moat around the circle and filling that moat with blustery statements and […]”

    But, on the other hand, if you’re one of the members of the political class who think the people who grow or sell marijuana should be thrown in prison for life (they’re usually a little more tolerant of people who just smoke the stuff, but where do they think these “abusers”, as if using was abusing, get the stuff? That it just falls out of the sky?), then you are an exception to rules they would impose on the rest of us:

    “[…] Cindy McCain, wife of former Presidential candidate John McCain (R-AZ), “admitted stealing Percocet and Vicodin from the American Voluntary Medical Team, an organization that aids Third World countries. Percocet and Vicodin are schedule 2 drugs, in the same legal category as opium. Each pill theft carries a penalty of one year in prison and a monetary fine.” However, McCain did not face prosecution. She was allowed to enter a pretrial diversion program and escaped with no blemish to her record.

    Source: James Bovard, Playboy; July 1999

    Dan Burton, II (18), son of Representative Dan Burton (R-IN), was busted in January of 1994 on charges of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. Allegedly, Burton II was transporting seven pounds of marijuana in a car from Texas to Indiana when he was caught in Louisiana. Burton II plead guilty to felony charges of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. Rather than face ten to sixteen months in federal prison, Burton was sentenced to five years probation, 2000 hours of community service, three years of house arrest and random drug screening. Five month later police found 30 marijuana plants and a shotgun in Burton’s apartment in Indianapolis. Under federal mandatory minimum rules, Burton should have received at least five years in federal prison, plus a year or more for arrest while on probation. State prosecutors decided that the total weight of marijuana from the 30 plants was 25 grams (about one ounce), thus reducing the charge to a misdemeanor. The Indiana prosecutor threw out all the charges against him saying, “I didn’t see any sense in putting him on probation a second time.”

    Source: James Bovard, Playboy; July 1999

    John Murtha (35), son of Representative John Murtha (D-PA), received a sentence of 11 to 23 months in jail after pleading guilty to selling a gram of cocaine to an informant. Murtha has been busted for two burglaries in 1980 and for armed robbery in 1985. Murtha was on parole at the time of his arrest and could have faced more than ten years in prison if he’d been prosecuted under federal guidelines. The judge hearing Murtha’s case allowed him to temporarily withdraw a plea bargain and resubmit it at later date so he could enter the jail’s school-release program and continue his education.

    Source: James Bovard, Playboy; July 1999 […]”

    The issue is this: Is America a free country or is it not because you don’t throw people in prison for 99 years for growing a few scraggly plants with a street market of zero for the sole reason that it sends the wrong message (that’s the crime). If you have the right to abort a full term pregnancy on a whim (I’d call that murder, and so would the state if it’s caused by someone other than the mother) for no other reason than you have the right to your own body, then how can consuming any substance be illegal, especially when it results on a war against the “presumed” innocent citizen?

    BTW, cars with Colorado plates are being pulled over and searched by cops of other states for no reason other than the Colorado plate. And, of course, how could anyone forget the incident with the son of your own beloved Governor Malloy? Who, I believe, did a home invasion, armed robbery on a drug deal that he personally decided was going to go bad. The governor’s excuse for his son’s behavior? “The male brain develops at 25,” Mrs. Malloy said, repeating a line from one of the many books they’ve read over the years. “You’re searching for answers.”

  3. Riverside

    BTW, although it looks like OG school, that photo is the old insane asylum up in Pawling.

  4. housecat

    LA, did you bogart my line?