The sorrow and the pity


Be nice!

Be nice!

Rapist and murderer released after forty-six years bemoans the lack of community spirit in today’s England.

He told The Sun: ‘The biggest change I’ve found since I’ve been in jail is in people. Everyone is me, me, me.

‘There are no manners anymore. People are so rude, they bang into and push past you. The sense of community has gone.’



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37 responses to “The sorrow and the pity

  1. farrightwing

    This makes me think of the yobs and lager louts at English Premier League football matches! They have long been working class stress release days but the mates have been priced out of it by the up market aspirations of the owners.

  2. bunnytee

    Looks like Bear vs. Twink, to me.

  3. AJ

    Bear vs. Twink 1:34 – 2:00, or yes you can get 800 HP out of a small block Chevy. “Fearless”, based on a true story and one of the best movies ever.

    • bunnytee

      I don’t do Jet Li movies, I’m more of a Harrison Ford girl, really. And you can have my 12 valve overhead cam when you pry it from my cold dead Chanel manicure.

      • AJ

        A twelve valve overhead cam? I was trying to figure out what kind of three-cylinder, assuming 4 valves per cylinder, car you might be driving. BTW, dual overhead cams have been around since the early 1900s, but became common and heavily advertised as a performance feature in the 60s, even on economy, six-cylinder models. Multiple intake and exhaust valves have been around since the eighties, and were even available on Volkswagens.

        Don’t do Jet Li movies? Straight jacketing yourself with such pre-judgemental, self-imposed limitations could cause you to miss out on . . . but that’s not my problem.

        6.8L with two turbos? Wow, I only have a 2.5L with one turbo and it’s a gas guzzler. That’s got to hurt at the pump. As Bill Clinton would say, “I can feel you pain.”

        • bunnytee

          Ok, now that’s more than I ever wanted to know about any kind of engine stuff…I just drive the thing. It doesn’t get good mileage in the city, but on the straightaways, say like into and out of the city I get maybe 9.5 mpg. But I can assure you, it’s a nice, smooth ride.

          Jet Li reminds me of Bruce Lee genre, just not me, is all. Wrong association on my part?
          And as long as that straight jacket is say, Hermes, I’ll wear it.
          Fashionista that I am.

        • AJ

          9.5 miles per gallon? Well, at least that’s better than my grandmother’s pink (coral, actually) ’56 Lincoln which only got six miles to the gallon. Must have been the white walls slowing it down. But yeah, from 6 to 9.5? Progress through the miracle of technology and superior engineering.

          I think I found your winter driver:

        • bunnytee

          A coral 56 Lincoln, now that’s *vintage* Is it still around?

          The few times that The Wizard has driven my car, he’s declared it a “gas guzzler” and far too “girly” for him. He, being more laid back than I and preferring function over form, drives this big behemoth Dodge Laramie pick up…Longhorn, Staghorn-something like that and it gets like 11 or 12 mpg. I can out run him. Still, he claims his pick up is superior to a Bentley over 2 or 3 mpg. It’s some sort of guy thing, I think.

        • AJ

          “Fearless” is nothing at all like a Bruce Lee movie. Based on a true life story, it is an excellent story, and I’m a big fan of the works of Tennessee Williams, William Inge, and Henrik Ibsen, to name a few (not your run of the mill kung fu stuff).

        • bunnytee

          Oh, ok. That salvages you, then. Here I’m thinking “Bruce Lee???GAK” I like alot of John Steinbeck’s works. TW was one of the greats, though.

        • AJ

          The car, like my grandmother (born 1880, lived to be 95), is long gone. Few cars from that era made it past 100k on the odometer. I’m with your husband on this one. I think you should mount some Boss Hog style Texas long horns on the front of your hood.

        • bunnytee

          THAT?? I’ve just passed out.

        • bunnytee

          It is only suitable, given his line of work, but there is an issue come date nights. That big “functional” beast + me? Do you know how undignified it looks trying to clamber into that thing in say, a short skirt? And I’m fairly leggy.

  4. bunnytee

    Nevermind. i’ve just been informed that I have a 6.8L twin turbo charged V8.

    Honestly, I have no clue what an overhead cam really is, it just sounded good.

    • LMNOP

      that would put you behind the wheel of a bentley mulsanne? there aren’t many cars that have that combination of power; even the mercedes S63 “only” has 5.5L. cobra, help me out here.

    • bunnytee

      yes, a Mulsanne, it’s my pride and joy. My husband wants nothing to do with it, though.

      • anon


        beautiful car. way to go.

        • bunnytee

          Precisely. No one in their right mind goes to Girard and Broad. I don’t even go to Philly unless forced. Thanks. It’s the Black teal over black velvet paint scheme.

        • bunnytee

          To keep things in proper perspective, I didn’t have to pay MSRP for it. My father has a dealership.

        • anon

          So that brought the price down from $325k to $225? 🙂 Hey, if you got it. Enjoy it. No problem except the car color scheme swears with your new Jimmy Choo peach sandals.

        • bunnytee

          I guess I’ll have to keep that in mind
          Perhaps the Michael Kors orange flats?

        • Batting Cleanup

          Thatta girl
          I knew the orange would work!!

        • bunnytee

          The retort was completely factitious. I wouldn’t be caught dead in orange flats and don’t own any Michael Kors since it’s not my style.
          Is there a whole family of you types or what?

      • towny

        Go figure.

  5. Walt

    Dude –
    This is news for you, snuggle tits? Manners have gone down the shitter? When was the last time someone held the door for you? When was the last time you didn’t have to put the seat down as you squatted to pee like the little bitch that you are?

    ANSWER ME THAT!! Little Miss Manners. PULL MY FINGER!!
    That one always kills me! Manner this.

    Your Pal,

    • housecat

      Walter! There’s no need to go around calling people names. Okay, Lambchop?

      • Walt

        It was a term of endearment. The Dude knows I like stupid, and meant no offense. And stupid is like stupid does. And life is like a box of chocolates. And I would have really liked to bang Robin Wright. But before she married Sean Penn. We good now?

    • bunnytee

      Is there really ANY etiquette involving “pull my finger”?

      • AJ

        Of course there is. Ms. Manners sez, “When asked to pull someone’s finger, it is de rigueur to hold one’s nose; even in the lowest of circles, such gestures would never be considered as being gauche.

        Upon completion, especially if of loud report, and if nothing more than common courtesy, it is most considerate to query, “get any on you?”

  6. housecat

    Speaking of ill-mannered hypocrites, where’s $Bob these days? Too busy running Lee Whitnum’s campaign, perhaps?

  7. Bentleys are for old people

    Just sayin’

  8. Rappers drive Bentleys

    Just saying!