UCONN leads at halftime

I’m not much of a basketball fan (okay, I never watch it) but I thought I’d do so today just to see how the dogs fared. Turns out, someone forgot to tell them that they were supposed to lose and after one half, it’s 25-22, Huskies. Plenty of time for Florida to come back and whump ’em,of course, but I’ll bet there are some nervous betters spread across the land.

Here’s the feed.

UPDATE: Son of a gun, they won! UConn 63, Florida 53. I wonder if this makes my UConn JD any more valuable?


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7 responses to “UCONN leads at halftime

  1. U Coon'T

    prob win

  2. duck slayer

    don’t count the Big East teams out it WAS the best basketball conference

  3. Anonymous

    Ct- worst economic development, among the highest taxes and best basketball . Men and Lady Huskies. Watch the girls tomorrow. You will be impressed.

    • Anonymous

      Forgot to say Lady Huskies play at 9pm. Perhaps you should take an afternoon nap to be fresh.

  4. Anonymous

    Average SAT score of UConn b-ball teams?

  5. Anonymous

    Like it or not, winning hoops and football brings more bucks. better students and more prestigious degrees..