Well in Greenwich, cheap cabinets like these WOULD be trash


Christopher (fountain) kitchen

Kitchen by Christopher (fountain) 

Britain: couple’s £10,000 “bespoke” kitchen cabinets left outside, binmen mistakenly haul them away.

A couple were left shocked when workmen accidentally threw away their bespoke ‘kitchen for life’ worth almost £10,000, after binmen mistook it for rubbish.

Julie Martin, 51, and partner Kevin McKeith, 53, were having some new electrical wire installed in their house in South Shields, Newcastle, when they realised their kitchen fittings had been taken away to the tip, leaving their expensive kitchen a gutted husk.

The contractors had taken down all of the kitchen units, cupboards and surfaces in order to fit the wiring in the walls, and placed them at the back of the house – only for binmen to take them away.

Here in the promised land, cabinets costing less than $100,000 are considered kindling, not “bespoke for life” treasure. Except in my house.



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7 responses to “Well in Greenwich, cheap cabinets like these WOULD be trash

  1. Jackass

    too many in your town need gold toilets to shit in, and it is so superficial the life there, especially when they lose the cfo job and the country club dues are no longer paid by the company.

  2. Batting Cleanup

    100k for cabinets can go a long away
    Esp. In the “lower end” under 2m

  3. Al Dente

    Where’s the avocado refrigerator?

  4. Flash

    If you can’t have a window over the sink, at least put a mirror there for morning contemplation.