Back from Hawaii and back by popular demand, Kat does Beach House

Daughter Kate will be performing at the Beach House Cafe tomorrow night, 9-11. That’s late for parents, but early for you international traders, so come if you can. Good time promised for all.



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7 responses to “Back from Hawaii and back by popular demand, Kat does Beach House

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    Ya know, a little advance notice would help buddy boy!!!!

  2. AJ

    Jumping Jehoshaphat, I mean jumping cowgirls, how is it that she looks like you, Mr. Snoutfair, only a whole way lot better?

  3. Cos Cobber

    This is very exciting and a certainly a very proud moment. So don’t ruin it by bringing your buttoned downed, collars up, white wine swilling, righties from the blogosphere.

    • AJ

      Who do you think listens to hoedown music? It’s right wingers. They might not be as loose as lefties, but once they swill enough white wine, it’s like a bull breaking out of the gate (you can spot them dancin’ up a storm all by themselves at Republican National Conventions).

    • AJ

      And, BTW, who do you have in Greenwich who’s not buttoned down? Dollar Bill? He’s not buttoned down, hell, he’s not even battened down.

  4. Mark B.

    Please tell me she’s the one on the right….

  5. farrightwing

    Good luck, break a leg!