Will Merry Lane


10 Will Merry Lane

10 Will Merry Lane

10 Will Mary Lane is back on the market, this time priced at $4.950, though it couldn’t sell at $4.875 from 2011-2012 (nor $5.490 in 2010-2011). It’s a great house on beautiful land, but Will Merry’s a tough sell in this range. The owners seem content to wait for their price: it remained unchanged during each of its previous two tours of the market, so if this price suits you, go get it. Otherwise, you’ll just have to wait.

10 Will Merry


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5 responses to “Will Merry Lane

  1. Anon

    Who were Will and Merry?

  2. Cos Cobber

    Have you seen your brother’s appearance in ‘motion’ picture? He landed a cameo in an ATT commercial.

    What’s equally as funny are the hate comments.

  3. dumb me. i thought they were fatalities on the wayward Peter Pan bus that hit bridge #695