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Cos Cobber demanded more real estate news; here it is


We're Kathy's clowns

We’re Kathy’s clowns

Woman who lost house to another couple runs internet ad under successful bidder’s name, inviting men to “drop by and rape me.” 

A San Diego woman has been charged with soliciting forcible rape and sodomy on a rival who, with her husband, bought a house she had her eye on. Kathy Rowe was so furious after she missed out on purchasing the Carmel Valley home, she decided to make the new owners’ lives a living hell. According to a criminal complaint, she unleashed her fury by impersonating the woman in a sexually-explicit online advertisement that requested stranger men force their way into her house and ‘take me while I say no.’

Rowe’s ad for the ‘Carmel Valley Freak Show’ was graphic and encouraged interested men to contact the woman for sexual favors of all kinds while her husband was at work.

She told at least one man, who responded with a naked picture of himself, to ‘just stop by any Monday-Friday 9am-3pm,’ and sent him an image of the victim, which she took from a social media website.

‘I love to be surprised and have a man just show up at the door and force his way in the door and on me, totally taking me while I say no,’ she wrote, before explaining that she loves anal sex and threesomes.

Prosecutors claim Rowe also harassed the couple by listing their home for sale, putting a hold on the couple’s mail, sending Valentine;s Day cards from the husband to married women in the neighborhood and having members of religious groups visit the home.



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Attention, men: your odds of getting a date on Saturday nights just doubled


Brunswick boys - too cool to show excitement

Brunswick boys – too cool to show excitement

Scientists come up with yet another way to service bi-sexuals

“For the first time in history, scientists have successfully implanted lab-grown vaginal organs in human patients.”




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And once again, with gusto

UnknownTSA goons refuse permission for deaf mute to board plane.

A woman claims an airport security agent refused to let her disabled sister on board a plane because she couldn’t say her own name.

Sherry Wright says she was shocked at the treatment they received at Los Angeles International Airport, where her sister Heidi was due to fly to Phoenix.

The problems began when Heidi, who was left wheelchair-bound and unable to speak or write after a stroke a decade ago, was stopped by the Transportation Security Administration due to an expired driver’s license, CNN reported.

Wright claims the TSA agent was rude and insensitive, insisting Heidi talk.

“I showed her ID, her (Social Security card) and her DMV papers,” Wright said, to no avail.

“He just wanted me to make my sister talk, and I couldn’t believe it.

“I was just standing there, tears were coming out and I was like, ‘Are you serious? We can’t get her to talk.’”

TSA spokesperson Nico Melendez told ABC7 that it regrets the incident.

And Nico then proceeds to blame the family:

“I think it could have been handled differently by the TSA and it probably could have been handled differently by the family, and hopefully moving forward the family won’t have this problem again, because they know about the programs that we have in place,” Melendez said.

Wright’s sister Heidi had to take an eight-hour bus trip to get to Phoenix. She has filed a complaint with US Homeland Security. The TSA has been contacted for further comment.

After thirteen years, billions of dollars and hundreds of million hounded and harassed passengers, TSA has yet to stop a single terrorist. Disband them and throw their asses out on the street.


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Pending sale


26 Nearwater - does that explain the tilt?

25 Nearwater – does that explain the tilt?

25 Nearwater Lane, NoPo Riverside, listed at $1.449, has a contract. The selling point of this home is its direct frontage on Mianus Pond, which is that stretch of the river impounded by the dam down at the Post Road. Fish, swim, kayak, sail, all available off your own dock. Plus, that neighborhood has its own private community beach, which is pretty neat.

The listing describes this house as “renovated”, which is more generous a term than I’d use, but what the heck; tear it down and start over. It’s the land that’s valuable here.

Owner paid $1.420 million for the place in 2004, just in case you’re interested.




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Open house report

26 Byfield

26 Byfield

Didn’t get to many, but one I thought particularly nice was 26 Byfield Lane (Amanda Miller, Listing Agent). Recently renovated, it sits on two flat acres on the dry (south) side of Byfield and is a very nice house for this price range. Fenced in pool, walk-out basement, new kitchen, newer baths; unlike many described as such, this is truly in move-in condition.

Parents of very young children may object to the layout, which has the master bedroom on the ground floor and the rest upstairs, but either buy an intercom and get over it or bring older children to live with you, in which case the buffer between their rooms and yours will be a star feature, much appreciated.

Besides, I figure that the next trendy thing for Greenwich parents to do will be to adopt the English method of child rearing and start shipping the kids off to boarding school at age five – you can put up with two-floor living for five years, can’t you?

Great house.



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Maybe our GHS band members can join the cafeteria workers union after their return from Cuba

Band Director John Yoon welcomes his students aboard the Che Guevara Brigade bus; off to cut cane!

Band Director John Yoon welcomes his students aboard the Che Guevara Brigade bus; off to cut cane!

As our high school band tunes up for its “educational” junket to Cuba next week they will undoubtedly be inspired by the NYC union chief who has just come back from his own visit to the People’s Paradise.

The head of the city public school union representing 23,000 parent coordinators, crossing guards and cafeteria workers is under fire for taking an “educational trip” to Cuba while his members have toiled for years without a contract.

Crespo — who opposes the US trade embargo and supports the campaign to help the convicted “Cuban 5” spies imprisoned in the U.S. – raved about his trip to the community country in a special Local 372 newsletter that included a picture of the Cuban flag and the heading “We are One – Somos Uno.”

“I was in awe and felt inspired,” Crespo, who is of Puerto Rican descent, gushed of his trip in the union newsletter. “The education system in Cuba is not a profit driven or politically driven system.”

Crespo said there’s “zero illiteracy and marveled that virtually all workers belong to the union – though failed to mention there’s no free speech and that talking against the government could lead to imprisonment.

Not all of Crespo’s union members were convinced of the usefulness of the trip, though.

“Cuba is on the international list of human rights violators. How can he go there under Local 372’s name?,” said Donald Nesbitt, a candidate for vice president. “What can he bring back from Cuba that will help our members with their issues? Absolutely nothing!”

While that may be true of the 372’s current membership, most of our own students will be heading off to college soon, where they’ll be further indoctrinated in the progressive ideal. A little foretaste of what’s coming to them can only help, and may shorten their stay in campus reeducation camps.


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It’s not just Muslims

From the more conservative side of Christianity, this – I assume it’s sent with the approval of Reverend Wright:



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Harry Reid’s America


Endangered Feces Act of 1973

Endangered Feces Act of 1973

SWAT teams, snipers, 200 federal agents converge on Nevada ranch to confiscate cattle that threaten a tortoise.

Harry Reid’s protegé leads the assault.

The federal government has shut down a scenic but windswept area about half the size of the state of Delaware to round up about 900 cattle it says are trespassing.

BLM and National Park Service officials didn’t immediately respond Wednesday to criticisms of the roundup that started Saturday and prompted the closure of the 1,200-square-mile area through May 12.

It’s seen by some as the latest battle over state and federal land rights in a state with deep roots in those disputes, including the Sagebrush Rebellion of the 1970s and ’80s. Nevada, where various federal agencies manage or control more than 80 percent of the land, is among several Western states where ranchers have challenged federal land ownership.

The current showdown pits rancher Cliven Bundy’s claims of ancestral rights to graze his cows on open range against federal claims that the cattle are trespassing on arid and fragile habitat of the endangered desert tortoise. Bundy has said he owns about 500 branded cattle on the range and claims the other 400 targeted for roundup are his, too.

BLM and Park Service officials see threats in Bundy’s promise to “do whatever it takes” to protect his property and in his characterization that the dispute constitutes a “range war.”

U.S. Rep. Steven Horsford, D-Las Vegas, noted that BLM officials were enforcing federal court orders that Bundy remove his animals. The legal battle has been waged for decades.

Kornze, the new BLM chief, is familiar with the area. He’s a natural resource manager who grew up in Elko, Nev., and served previously as a senior adviser to Senate Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Reid aide Kristen Orthman said her boss “hopes the trespassing cattle are rounded up safely so the issue can be resolved.”

Sandoval, a former state attorney general and federal district court judge, weighed in late Tuesday after several days of media coverage about blocked roads and armed federal agents fanning out around Bundy’s ranch while contractors using helicopters and vehicles herd cows into portable pens in rugged and remote areas.

“No cow justifies the atmosphere of intimidation which currently exists nor the limitation of constitutional rights that are sacred to all Nevadans,” the governor said in a statement.

Sandoval said he was most offended that armed federal officials have tried to corral people protesting the roundup into a fenced-in “First Amendment area” south of the resort city of Mesquite.

The site “tramples upon Nevadans’ fundamental rights under the U.S. Constitution” and should be dismantled, Sandoval said.

BLM spokeswoman Kirsten Cannon and Park Service spokeswoman Christie Vanover have told reporters during daily conference calls that free-speech areas were established so agents could ensure the safety of contractors, protesters, the rancher and his supporters.

The proper response to all of this: the destruction of the Northwest’s timber industry, the desertification of California’s agricultural land, and Nazis in Nevada is to repeal the Endangered Species Act and start over. Elimination of that law, particularly the metastasized  tumor it has grown into in the forty years since it was first enacted with such good intentions, would be cheered by most Americans. It would send the Birkenstock crowd into convulsions, but that’s a feature, not a bug.


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Fat Rat Sharpton turned informant after being caught on tape trying to peddle kilos of cocaine to undercover agent

Who, AL? Say it ain’t so. Oops! It is so, and Smoking Gun’s got the scoop. Reached by FWIW in the White House’s Lincoln Bedroom, the Reverend Sharpton declined comment.


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