Pending sale


26 Nearwater - does that explain the tilt?

25 Nearwater – does that explain the tilt?

25 Nearwater Lane, NoPo Riverside, listed at $1.449, has a contract. The selling point of this home is its direct frontage on Mianus Pond, which is that stretch of the river impounded by the dam down at the Post Road. Fish, swim, kayak, sail, all available off your own dock. Plus, that neighborhood has its own private community beach, which is pretty neat.

The listing describes this house as “renovated”, which is more generous a term than I’d use, but what the heck; tear it down and start over. It’s the land that’s valuable here.

Owner paid $1.420 million for the place in 2004, just in case you’re interested.




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15 responses to “Pending sale

  1. Cos Cobber

    thanks for adding some real estate back to the blog. it was getting sleepy around here. btw, what happened to your brother? I guess the corporate suits at his new firm have tied his tongue with respect to blogging about actual real estate.

  2. so

    We looked at the house and liked. Needs some renovations (master bath puny, kitchen dated) and some work outside so a partial renovation should do the trick. I hope the buyers enjoy the deck and dock.

  3. i saw a unit sold in nick manero’s development for 4 mill. weren’t they asking 9 a few years ago?

    • No, maybe low $5s, but no more than that. Houses took about a million dollar bite during the bust, and we saw a few sales in the mid-to-high $3s – I’m not convinced they should be above that now, but I suppose it depends on the house.

  4. AJ

    The tilt is inexcusable since Photoshop has a tilt and perspective (vanishing point) corrector. In a couple of minutes it’s possible to take the distortion out of any photo, and it’s so easy to use that even a moron could get good results.

  5. Batting Cleanup

    I doubt this is a tear down.
    150-200k and you’re all set.

    • That’s what I’d do if it were my house, but given the site, someone could build new here, get a better home and still, I think, be okay in terms of dollars invested.

      • AJ

        I don’t know, CF. Off Sheephill Road is not an A-Number-One address as they would say in a Chinese movie. At close to a million and a half, then adding the cost of a new, extra fancy, Grade-A house, you might have a hard time getting your money back (No, that would never in Greenwich) if you decided to sell.

        • There have been (a couple of) sales in that neighborhood in the low $3s, so I think this one, on the water, would be okay.

        • Batting Cleanup

          I agree AJ
          It’s just not that kind of neighborhood.
          1m up to 2.5 max
          Hillcrest up 3m

          Anything over that you are better off in a ” walk to riverside/EMS/trains spot ” for your money and socio-economic equal status neighbors blah blah blah

      • Batting Cleanup

        Low 3’s?
        Hmmm, come to think of it… I have seen a few Gl450’s with screw ons steering the wheel up and down Sheephill and heading into near water area..

  6. Batting Cleanup

    Any intel on the prefab going up 1/4 way up Palmer hill road.?

  7. Oh well…I should have spent the 24 bucks to copyright my design at Library of Congress. The cross pieces on the railing are sailboat stainless steel rope that are less than 4″ apart. First used at Belle Haven Club, one week after regulations were changed at Federal level because a study found that an infant’s head could fit trough a 5 inch opening. Would an infant with that small a head be able to crawl through the gap? Old industrial standard for 50 years was 5 inches (usually a square or trapezoid) but the Feds had to step in to save any …anyway, it lets the breeze through in the Summer, easy shovel though for snow and helps break wave action when needed if near coast….