Anyone else following this reinstitution of county government, ruled by Hartford?


It's okay; there'll be Vaseline

It’s okay; there’ll be Vaseline

Special item 34 was approved unanimously by the RTM Monday night with s far as I know, no public discussion.

As far as I can understand it, the Hartford Democrats came up with the idea to force towns into regional zones, (discussed here last year) – the first step was claimed to be limited to transportation matters, but schools, “environment” hospitals etc. are all slated to be consolidated. The matter before the RTM was to give town approval to join a region – although the enabling statute says a region will only be created “upon approval of 60% of the towns affected”, apparently Malloy’s henchmen made it quite clear to Greenwich that if they didn’t pick a region Malloy would do it for us.

So, no choice, or so they say, but where were our “leaders” and why weren’t they screaming to high heaven about this? Politicians of both parties don’t dream of private jobs, they dream of government jobs and the patronage power that comes with them. Connecticut got rid of its county governments long ago, while Westchester has built an entire layer of bureaucracy atop local government, with tens of thousands of extra government jobs to be passed around and paid for. Our own pols have coveted that set-up since at least Lowell Weiker’s day and last year, they finally got it started. Monday, they took the next step.

And Greenwich Republicans bent over and took it meekly.



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22 responses to “Anyone else following this reinstitution of county government, ruled by Hartford?


  2. Former RTM member

    Of course Marzullo voted in favor of such. He’s the DEM. And of course Theis voted in favor. He’s the old guy who votes exactly the way Tesei does. Is anyone really surprised that our fearless leader FS Tesei cave. It would of been nice to see the man in charge actually defend our town from entering into this agreement. Wishful thinking.

  3. George Lankiung

    I saw Selectman Theis sleeping at last months BOS meeting.

  4. Wheel of Stupidity

    College Week at Wheel of Fortune. Kid from Indiana tonight does major damage to getting a degree there. It’s tragically hysterical.

  5. burningmadolf

    Welcome to the South West Regional Unified School District. Open enrollment and mass busing to begin shortly.

    • Ghost of the FAR Czar

      you mean western – with the merger with the Housatonic Valley, the footprint follows Route 7 all the way to New Milford. Might not be so bad after all – we could send our kids to the #1 school system in the state in Ridgefield

  6. ...

    No matter how great you consider the Ridgefield Public Schools to be right now, I can assure you they will decline as they keep snatching failing administrators from Greenwich.

  7. Once

    Bringing back county govt has been in the democratic hopper for a long time.

  8. CatoRenasci

    The vote was not unanimous.

    There was lively discussion at more than one RTM Committee. At Finance, under prodding, Peter Tesi admitted the County Government/Regionalism/Redistribution trojan horse was a real threat that bore watching.

    However, the selectmen and the RTM members who supported this atrocity did so not out of principle, but out of greed and fear.

    The fear was that if Greenwich didn’t pick a slightly less potentially rapacious COG, the state would force it in with Bridgeport, there to be have the Greenwich public fisc raped with more violence and less aplomb to support Bridgeport’s indolent, incompetent, and ineducable teeming masses.

    The greed was the desire to have a (small) say in how the rape of the Greenwich fisc is to be conducted and to get some share of the Daneel’s and Bambi’s largesse into their mits.

    Reminds me of the supposedly conservative which went along with Medicaid expansion to get at Obama’s “stash”. Selling liberty for a promise of a lick at the spoon of pottage.

  9. If we decline money from Hartford we would not need to go through this.

  10. Just the Facts!

    Time for Greenwich to go it alone. Not sure how any of this County nonsense is in our best interest???? CT has always been a home rule state made up of 169 sovereign municipalities. County government was voted down in this State 50+ years ago. This is what happens when you have no real representation in Hartford. Wonder how much representation we’ll have when there’s another layer of government in our way…JTF!

  11. Scurrillous Skallywag

    I grow weary of Scott Frantz’s face. Maybe I’ll vote demoncrat next time.

  12. RTM Member

    CF—there was the UCONN basketball game at stake. Screw the important issues—the RTM scurried away in one hour after quickly voting on over 30 items in order to watch the game.

    Watch out for that legislation that comes at the final hour of a night, or as in this case, given short shrift by our leaders in the interest of a basketball game. One size fits all property taxes is just that much closer.

  13. Anonymous

    The Norwalk and Bridgeport kids will get to use MISA.

  14. Anything is better than SWRPA the South West Regional Paving Agency is a tragic joke. Robert Moses style crony corruption was first imported to CT by Greenwich, exactly 50 years ago.
    Every time you are in a traffic jam know and understand SWRPA “planned” it. This new deal may bring about a return to real planning based on watersheds not lanesheds.
    Take note Greenwich may have another disaster in “planning” in the offing. The bungled drought response here during Koch’s mayoralty tenure in New York was fixed by the water company connecting a pie from source to the East. A bungled water system at UCONN campus last year brought a green slime bureaucracy to a salute position. Attempt is to scam a Sate Water Plan. The water companies can easily solve any problem. The Easton/Weston reservoir system alone can provide water for 3 million people while at 60% capacity due to lack of dredging. It was built to satisfy the projected industrial demands especially for brass products. Now that industry has efficiency techniques that require virtually no water.

  15. AJ

    Sort of reminds me of what they did in Canada with the provincial governments forcing the merging of municipalities: in Ontario, amalgamation; in Québec, fusion. They promised it would save money and reduce taxes; it increased taxes considerably.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      We should all now know that when a politician promises one thing, we should expect the exact opposite result.