National identity card on its way


All good things come to those that wait

All good things come to those that wait

Despite long-standing promises by the state that they would never be used for identity purposes, a move’s afoot to add photos to Social Security cards so as to make voter ID easier.

While the politicians fight over this, it raises another question: social security cards are issued only after an applicant produces a stack of original documents – no photocopies accepted – starting with a birth certificate and moving up from there. If demanding photo ID to vote places such a burden on the poor, how is it that they have no problem signing up for welfare?

Just asking.


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8 responses to “National identity card on its way

  1. housecat

    How is it…? The silence is deafening.

  2. taking a selfie is the national pastime (thanks Obama!). problem solved.

  3. Anonymous

    I’ve asked this for years. Never an answer.

  4. Libertarian Advocate

    Enough of your WACIST pontificating! Report immediately to Dullard Bill’s re-education seminar.

  5. TheWizard

    Some around here have referred to it as your “tax identification card” for years.

  6. AJ

    A couple of months ago I posted what someone would need to get a NY State driver’s license, about six different pieces of identification, it isn’t easy, and birth certificates don’t count, other than verifying someone’s age. Nothing counts more than welfare and food stamp ID. Voter registration? No ID required. Just sign here, you’re good for your word.

    They encourage election fraud, they encourage illegal immigration. You are being set up for the Hegelian Dialectic: problem (they create it), reaction (they expect you’re going to get worked up), solution (they shove the next level down everyone’s throat).

    I agree with Rand Paul from your linked article above: this is a really bad idea.

    “… “This is a really bad idea,” Paul said in a statement. “The Social Security card is only supposed to be used for Social Security benefits. This idea would make it easy for the federal government to convert the Social Security card into a national identification card.” …”

  7. Just_looking

    Please help me and explain the problem with a national id. I would think that it would assist

  8. Anonymous

    Has anyone noticed that unless you bring a passport, and a pile of bills, etc. to DMV when you renew your license you get a no-good-for-flying license? And on and on the insanity rolls.