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Scientology founder Elron Hubbard: "You want to get rich, start a religion."

Scientology founder Elron Hubbard: “You want to get rich, start a religion.”

Christian churches merge with the Holy Church of Gaia. The two religions were always close, now they’ve joined forces.

 From the U.S. to the UK to the Vatican, global warming activism has become part of the religious conversation.

Carbon fasting in the U.S.

For years, some U.S. Christians have been doing what they call a “carbon fast” for Lent — the period between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday. During this time, thousands of people make an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, whether it’s driving less or not investing in hydrocarbon fuels. New England Regional Environmental Ministries (NEREM) launched the effort in 2011. The goal of the “carbon fast” is to wean people off carbon dioxide-intensive goods and foods in order to stem global warming. Rev. Dr. Jim Antal is one of the founders of NEREM and currently writes daily messages to thousands of carbon fasters around the globe about how to lower their carbon footprint and be one with the climate.

 Is global warming a “great demon”?

The Church of England says it is and has promised to divest itself of hydrocarbon fuels as a last resort in order to help cut Britain’s carbon dioxide emissions.

[C]alls for divestment were echoed by Bishop Steven Croft of Sheffield who called global warming “a giant evil; a great demon of our day.” “Its power is fed by greed, blindness and complacency in the present generation, and we know that this giant wreaks havoc through the immense power of the weather systems, which are themselves unpredictable,” Croft said. The Church of England has so far not divested of hydrocarbons, but has said it’s still committed to tackling global warming.

Self-sacrifice, rigid dogma, moral superiority, persecution of heretics, impending doom and salvation through worship of the one true god, Mother Gaia. Nothing new here, it’s just amusing to see the Christian orthodoxy, its, numbers dwindling, trying to horn in on another religion (think Christmas trees). “The thousands of young people through who have showed both surprise and respect at my leadership”, says on such leader, “getting arrested a couple of times at the White House, and other brands of leadership — it opens their eyes to say, ‘My goodness, maybe there is something in the church.”

The church wants in on the a pool of gullible idiots while the  warming alarmists worry as their predictions of apocalypse don’t materialize, so the merger makes sense.  The hope is that, when the end of the world does not arrive on the date promised, these people, like their predecessors over time, will fade away.

To be replaced by the next religion, probably one based on the coming ice age.



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17 responses to “No surprise here

  1. Scurrilous Scallywag

    My sleepy eyes first read “carbon fasting” as “carbon fisting” which would be way more accurate.

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    Seems Al Bore learned something at Vanderbilt Divinity before he dropped out…. how to hoodwink a large and willing flock of sheep.

  3. Anonymous

    a true carbon fast would disallow exhaling.
    these people should be encouraged to do a true carbon fast for all of Lent.

    hold your breath morons.

  4. Fred2

    Whatever happened to ordinary decent somewhat stuffy and lightly conservative religion that had modest scholastic pretensions?

  5. TheWizard

    Preposterous from the christian angle.

    Assuming that a christian believes in God, then surely they would be aware that God created Earth with an ability to produce all this petroleum and gas with the intent that the people be industrious and use it for their well-being.

    Or, I suppose, one could believe it came from dinosaur corpses and is here by coincidence and luck. Timely, eh?

    The leaders of this environmental movement remind me of cult leaders that demand chastity from their members while they’re doing all the wives up at headquarters.

  6. FF

    I really hope you understand that you are attacking religious people for believing in something that you think shows no proof of existence, that they have built a structure and financial apparatus to worship it, it has a nirvanva-like ending, and gathers adherents through prosthelyzing the faith. Kind of sounds like you are attacking religious people for having religion. Except, of course, unless you are being very un-Conservative like and deciding WHICH religions are valid. That would not be in keeping with the constitution and all that, etc. etc.

    • No – my point is twofold: global warming is a religion (not a “science”) and traditional religions, seeing their congregations slip away, are trying to incorporate the new religion into the old. It”s the reverse, but same process, of early Christianity adopting and taking as its own the old pagan gods.

    • AJ

      Yes, FF. But unlike other “religions”, this one has the power to tax.

      The high priest speaks:

    • Peg

      I do hope you are aware, FF, that the government already does this (decides which religions are valid and which not). About 30 years ago a case was heard where a number of Braniff pilots declined to pay any federal taxes, stating that it was part of their “religion”…..

  7. Cos Cobber

    Since we have Frank’s attention, Frank – where are the jobs? CT is doing sh_tty is this recovery. If Stamford didn’t have its mini housing boom (which is really an offshoot of the NYC boom as people are pushed out), we’d be even worse off.

    Maybe its because we don’t have Keno.

  8. Anonymous Citizenette

    Good news for me, if others are willing to carbon fast on my behalf I’ll just feel that much less guilty spewing vile toxins as I drive my old gas-guzzling truck to the pistol range to kick up even more toxins. Thumbs-up Gaia worshippers!

  9. AJ

    Odd, that what they preach is the antithesis of the Gaia concept, that being, that Gaia is a living self-balancing being, and that everything that happens on the planet, including all actions of all sentient beings, is the direct result of Gaia consciousness. In other words, if human action is, in fact, warming the planet, it is because that’s what Gaia wants.

  10. Plants emit CO2 at night. Some types of trees emit more CO2 than they absorb.
    So tax trees ?

    • Libertarian Advocate

      They are excluded from taxation on carbon emissions under the Internal Revenue Code. Only humans and their property are taxable.