Reported contracts

58 Park Avenue, Old Greenwich, last ask, $2.495, original price a year ago, $2. 875.


2 Meadowbank

2 Meadowbank

2 Meadowbank Road, Old Greenwich, $1.295 million. Gone in a week, but why not, at this price? Just 0.2 of an acre, old, 3-bedroom house (large enough to raise my friend’s family back in the day) and some of the land is in the flood zone, but if you want to be south of the Village, this is  great street and an affordable house. Not bad.





11 Hawkwood

11 Hawkwood

11 Hawkwood, asking $2.695 million. One acre. It took a year, but the owners didn’t drop their price and someone has apparently agreed to meet it, or at least approach it.


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8 responses to “Reported contracts

  1. AJ

    I would consider Meadowbank a steal compared to what some people have paid to live on Park Ave. S, not to mention some of the pricier homes in Havemeyer.

  2. OG Brit

    Surely Meadownbank is a land sale

  3. Anonymous

    What was wrong with the Hawkwood house — seems to be a good area

    • Nothing “wrong” with it, just bit tired. This is probably about its land value, and that’s probably about right. Doesn’t necessarily mean it will be torn down, but the structure’s not worth nearly as much as the land it sits on.

  4. Anon

    Hawkwood is a great street. Older 40s vintages houses, just not in vogue right now.. room proportions, ceiling heights, tiny bathrooms, creaky systems, etc. If you can make the house work, it’s a deal. I’d start with a new stove.