Keep our Harbor Master!


Harbor Master removes Cos Cob harbor obstruction

Harbor Master removes Cos Cob harbor obstruction

Ian MacMillan wants to be reappointed Harbor Master and is appealing for our support. He absolutely deserves it. MacMillan was forced down our First Selectman’s throat by Governor Malloy, thus thwarting Tesei’s own patronage scheme to award the post to the husband of a supporter. In the two years since, MacMillion has driven Peter crazy, demanding that our town mooring fields be rationalized, ending the preferred treatment of the Boating Friends of Peter and so forth. Some of MacMillan’s actions and ideas may be a bit wrong-headed, but the idea that someone paid $600 a year can unsettle the status quo so thoroughly is astonishing, and welcome.

Besides, the comic relief of Tesei’s angry reaction to MacMillan, often boarding on the insane, is priceless. Keep it up, Ian.


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42 responses to “Keep our Harbor Master!

  1. Cobra

    Agree. Despite obstacles thrown up by various Town bureaucrats, Ian has persevered and executed his initiatives quite well. Amazing that he has been able to accomplish as much as he has despite Tesei’s and others’ attempts to derail Ian’s efforts to bring order from chaos.

  2. a cautionary tale. but, you probably already know how thin-skinned those politicos are:

  3. Anonymous

    Agree with Cobra. I have spoken up on Ian’s behalf in fwiw awhile ago. That said am opposed to a dedicated rowing course where those who row crew are entitled to a section of water and those few it may benefit will enforce anyone from encroaching on their turf. This proposal is supported by Ian.

    • Let’s see how it works out – I used to row out of the harbor before someone stole my scull, years ago, and I never felt the need for a dedicated lane, but I rowed at dawn. Probably different during the day, especially, say, on summer weekends. The course was laid out with the input of a lot of waterfront users, so I’m hopeful.

    • Ian Macmillan

      Quite the opposite, Mate, a paddle craft has no right of way over power or sail. No water is a dedicated rowing course just like no playground is dedicated to any age group. You can fish and sail and any other normal water activity on the rowing courses. The rowers are the burdened or “give way” boat in all cases. We just circulated the laws supporting that opinion to the Commodores and instructors involved. Ian

  4. Art layton

    Why aren’t the the rights to use a town mooring auctioned off every 2-3 years? This would maximize revenue for a town resource.

  5. CatoRenasci

    Sorry, Ian is Malloy’s buttboy, so the sooner we see him gone the better.

    • Malloy had never met the guy before his appointment; he just told FF to come up with someone, Frank heard that Ian was interested and brought him into the office for an interview. I spent a half-hour chatting with Ian before FF showed up, discussing mutual sailing experiences. When Frank appeared, the only discussion of politics was when Ian volunteered – the question wasn’t raised – that he’d voted for Tesei instead of Frank a few years back. That was the first time FF and Ian had ever met. That Ian went on to be a thorn in Tesei’s side had nothing to do with Malloy or even Frank, and everything to do with Ian’s upsetting Tesei’s preferred way of doing business, which is to keep his friends happy.

    • I met the harbor master for the first time last summer. My boat stalled and he assisted me. He was professional and my family and I are were grateful. While I do not know the politics behind his initial appointment I do think ( from what I know, read and observe ) Ian deserves to continue.

  6. Anonymous

    In defense of rowing:

    Greenwich Harbor hosted 750 high school rowers last weekend. Some 200 Alumni rowers will hold a regatta in Greenwich Cove on April 27th. See for details.

    The proposed rowing courses are over mud flats that have no other uses, since the shellfish beds are closed during the rowing season. True, water skiers and jet skis can zoom about at high tide. But consider the dangers: Over the summer season at times dozens of school age sailors, kayakers and paddle-boarders are utilizing the same areas as rowers in the harbors.
    The rowing course is not incompatible with these functions for children.

    This is not unlike the need for a yellow stripe down the middle of the roads. Sometimes the stripes are double solid lines, or in safe placed broken for passing, turning, etc/

    The proposal for rowing lane markers is a matter of public safety, education and navigation – all falling legally under the domain of the State law for waters under the high tide line. Greenwich does not have an approved Harbor Management Plan. Until such a plan is en-acted, the Harbormaster is charged by law with keeping things well organized.

    This has been Harbormaster Macmillan’s service to the Town, mostly at his own expense. Ian well deserves to be re-appointed.

    • Besides, there’s a 5-mph speed zone in the harbor, so water skiers aren’t allowed in any event.

      • For the record “no wake zone” first came to be in Greenwich.
        A great guy in the early 1950’s was varnishing top portion of wooden mast while tied up at Indian Harbor.
        A lousy motor boater zipped by, sailboat rocked, mast swung, guy was hit in head and killed instantly while still in harness !
        Other harbor communities adopted idea over the year and then the 5 mile came out as national standard.

        • Anonymous

          Good points both in defense of rowing and for the record re – no wake zones. And thanks Ian for the clarification regarding the use of the course and that it does not impinge upon sailing or fishing in the designated areas.

    • Because Tesei doesn’t like Ian….. That’s know reason to get rid of the guy. He’s done a great job. He’s helped keep Greenwich waters safe. Marzullo supports Ian and will support his renomination. To get rid of him would be wrong on every level.

  7. Anonymous

    Five miles an hour? Well there you go.

    Rowers in 8-seat shells sprint over twelve miles an hour. So they do need a dedicated course.

    • There’s that – different speeds,more confusion on the water. The lower speed for power boats, of course, is because of the wake they leave – lots of boats bobbing on moorings, small craft zig-zagging across the harbor, and so forth.

      • Anonymous

        And not to put too fine a point on it, but rower face backwards, which is great if you are winning, since you can watch those behind you try to catch up (unlike a running race). Not so great for looking ahead, so as to see who is veering in front of you.

      • Heavey should of been fired for defending a retired cops illegal mooring. Heavey once again interjected himself into an area that has nothing to do with police. He made Tesei look foolish and he made the entire BOS look like idiots. The cops mooring was illegal. It caused a safety problem. All Ian did was point this out. We don’t want a harbor master who buckles under pressure. Especially from
        an over zealous police chief. Ian deserves to be renonminated.

      • The mooring issue was caused by Heavey. The police chief once again stuck his fat nose in something he shouldn’t. He always does. He does so time and time again with the fire department and is responsible for not allowing fire personnel on the emergency vessel. Former police chief Ridberg would never have tolerated this. My advice for Heavey is to get your own house in order and stop interfering.

      • Since Heavey seems to know everything maybe he can help GEMS write a responsible budget. Heavey is the first to criticize how GFD performs so maybe just maybe he can get off Fires back and start questioning why a local ambulance company gets over 4 million dollars from the town. Why GEMS needs 15 supervisors ( who apparently never do 40 hour work week ) is min boggling. GEMS continues to get away with this. Why?

        Heavey we need you!

      • The red headed IT supervisor lives in Milford. Why does the town give him a car. Why do we pay his gas bill? According to a past comment he never responds to 911 emergency calls.

    • Just_looking

      I believe that it is “5 mph or no wake”.

  8. Ian deserves to be re nominated. He takes his job seriously and for 600 bucks a year this guy seems to really like it. He might at times be a pain in the ass but if he wants to continue I hope Malloy reappoints him. Hopefully Marzullo will advocate on his behalf. Ian has served Greenwich well.

  9. I support Ian’s renomination and will write Malloy and express such. It’s actually refreshing to see someone with such passion and such energy. OK I admit is he a pain in the ass. At times yes. But so are a lot of people. If Tesei doesn’t support Ians renomination it’s only because he speaks his mind. Has he earned a second term…. Yes!

  10. gwchase

    Ian worked with the woman who pushed to get rid of the “unsafe” mooring – it was in a freeway – different than a channel – and blocked her view.
    He wouldn’t allow the Town to collect mooring fees and that reduced the amount of money that was available for the Harbor Management Committee.
    Didn’t start off on the right foot (no Harbor Management Plan so I don’t know what to do), but is trying to get a lot of things done – will probably get another 3 years.

    • Ian Macmillan

      The “unsafe” mooring was located in a DEEP permitted dredged channel which also qualifies as a “fairway” or navigable waterway and is subject to stationing by the Harbor Master as he sees fit according to the law. It was serving as an obstruction rather than a permitted mooring so it was removed as required by law.

      • Anonymous

        The mooring was in the same place for a number of years (20?) – why was it moved now?

        • Ian Macmillan

          Simply put, the 2007 April 15th seven inch rain event in 24 hours swept an enourmous amount of mud down into Indian Harbor as far south as Chimney Corners as if it was a four foot deep glacier of mud. That wall of mud was what cost Windrose Way association about $850,000.00 and years of paperwork to permit and dredge so folks on land could get to long Island sound and back home on low tides. The location of the mooring twenty years ago didn’t change but the amount of mud around that location did. Now that location is in a channel that didn’t have to be dug twenty years ago. Greenwich is full of mud that wasn’t there twenty years ago. It is way past time to dredge. Way past. If you dig boating in Greenwich….DREDGE!

  11. AJ

    Are you guys still on that mooring thing? So they pulled their mooring, so what? They can still anchor there. Someone can still come in the morning and drop an anchor with a buoy that they can all tie onto and pull when they leave at the end of the day, or they can anchor separately and tie themselves together. Much ado about nothing. Or is it some lady who thinks her property extends all the way across the sound to Long Island, making a lot of noise?

    BTW, what happened to the property at the end of Pilot Rock Lane, your favorite striper fishing grounds, that the guy who paid $13 million for and then found that his neighbors were wiling to fight him to the death to keep him from building anything there, so he decided to turn it around and sell it for $16 million. Greater fool theory? You never know: someone might just have to have it. Think he’ll take Pepsi bottle caps? After all, there was that guy who collected enough to win the Harrier Jet.

    • Big Mike

      15 yards of top soil to level the yard. (Shovel and wheelbarrow by myself, that was awful)
      Used a 400 lb push roller to press fresh soil down.
      Aerated the remaining grass this morning.
      Rolled it again
      Then put down 200 pounds of Scotts Turf Builder Sun & Shade Seed.
      I’ve been watering on/off all day.

      I’ve read it’s a good idea to keep the seedlings damp
      Basically watering every day a little bit.

      • AJ

        Scotts makes good products, takes out a lot of the guess work, should solve all your lawn problem needs. Don’t forget your work gloves, keep those calluses to a minimum.

    • Anon

      Haven’t you seen it? Take a drive around the Point and look over. Pilot Rock was cleared of all trees and a giant stone mansion is under construction. HUGE!!

  12. Anonymous

    Off topic a bit but don’t you think it is a conflict of interest that Tesei’s wife (a brand new broker) now has all the 9 new condos and single-family units on the corner of Steamboat and Oneida priced between 3.5 and 5.5 million???

  13. GPD Folk

    personally…I like Ian mcMillan…he’s a hoot!!!!!!!!