Ordinarily, I’d be skeptical of a story like this, but since it involves school administrators …

South-Fayette-administratorsBoy who recorded bullies tormenting him arrested for felony wiretapping and convicted of disorderly conduct. The bullies were let go.

After being regularly shoved and tripped, and nearly burned with a cigarette lighter, a tormented special-needs student in Pennsylvania decided to take matters into his own hands. He secretly recorded the abuse on his school-issued iPad, and his mother eventually submitted the evidence to the school’s principal. But instead of punishing the teenage tyrants caught on tape, administrators decided to call the police, who threatened the 15-year-old boy with felony wiretapping, but later reduced the charge to disorderly conduct. He was found guilty on March 19.


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10 responses to “Ordinarily, I’d be skeptical of a story like this, but since it involves school administrators …

  1. Mark B.

    I would probably maintain some level of skepticism if I were you. Something fishy this way comes.
    I wish I could find this somewhere besides Voctiv or Ben Swann…

  2. Cobra

    If this report is accurate, I suspect Stedman/Holder is involved.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      The bullies had ZERO expectation of privacy if the bullying occurred on public property. Kid was free to record them at will.

  3. Just very scary and sad. It would almost be unreal….but this iswhen and how great societies start losing it and fail……it may take a few months or a few years but the end of the story is clear.

  4. AJ

    Speaking of school . . .

    “…Furthermore, just because most smart people go to college doesn’t mean they should. They may earn more money, but what they keep is more important than what they make. Financial columnist Jack Hough created a very illuminating hypothetical scenario with two people, one who chooses college and one who enters the labor force after high school. Hough then uses the average cost of college as well as U.S. Census Bureau data for the average income of college graduates and non-graduates, adjusted for age. He assumes both save and invest 5 percent of their income each year. By the age of 65, how does the net worth of each look?

    • College Graduate: $400,000
    • High School Graduate: $1,300,000

    When one thinks about the common narrative of college vs. no college …”


    • Libertarian Advocate

      Ever since the government handed the colleges a whole new money stream through the creation of the federally guaranteed student loan program, college has been mostly a scam except for the most disciplined and sharpest of students. In 20-30 years, most liberal arts colleges will cease to exist. No more pompous leftoon professors cramming their ideologies down students’ throats.

  5. Anonymous

    The bullied kid will come back and shoot the whole lot.old story.