A good start

A good start

Question of the day: If a nuke goes off in Washington, D.C., what should you do?


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6 responses to “Cheer?

  1. Scurrilous Skallywag

    Party hearty????

  2. Mark B.

    Reconfigure my “sporting rifles”.

  3. Fred2

    Hope both houses were in session and the President was meeting with his cabinet?

    I mean I’m not up on my line of succession or anything, but I think that makes a one -star general in North Dakota next up… we could do worse.

    Also, great TV as the USN & USAF do a limited one time engagement to demonstrate the term “Dies Irae” in on some state sponsor of the event.

  4. Anonymous

    1) Cancel the field trip to the Smithsonian
    2) Blockade the city and disallow the departure of any statists, lobbyists, lawyers, parasites, cronies, corruptocrats, Pelosi, Schumer, Reid, Feinstein, Maxine Waters, Boxer, Sheila Jackson Lee, et. al. Then let them all cannibalize each other.
    3) Move the federal capitol of the Constitutional Republic to one of the Free States.
    4) Wait a few decades for the area to return to its natural state as a fetid, malarial swamp.

  5. bunnytee

    I’m thinking: bend over grab your ankles and kiss your ass good bye.