Back from closing on 26 Taconic Road


26 Taconic Rd

26 Taconic Rd

Sale price, $4.850 million. This is a beautiful Kali-Nagy designed and built Georgian, originally (mis) priced at $7.495 million back in 2007. It kicked around a bit, on and off the market until this spring when the price dropped to $5.450. The yard is somewhat compromised with a pond in a portion of its two acres, but between replacement cost and even comparable sales ($6.5 and up), plus its close-to-town location, my clients and I thought this offered good value.

A shout out to listing agent Dancy Cassell, by the way: she’s a complete professional, always gracious and always a straight shooter, with none of the games some lesser agents engage in. There were a few minor bumps in the road to completion of this sale and Dancy got us past them smoothly. She’s a pleasure to work with.


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14 responses to “Back from closing on 26 Taconic Road

  1. Mickster

    Job well done!

  2. Anonymous

    i heard that his 751 lake avenue home just sold for $7.8 !

  3. Pinzgauer

    Can we assume that your commission goes into your legal defense fund?

  4. Cobra

    Beautiful, inside and out. Any fish in that pond?

  5. Libertarian Advocate


  6. Inagua

    What happened between 2007 and 2014? Rented? Vacant?

    • Anonymous


    • A bit of both, but after the last lease ended in, I think, December, Mr. Kali-Nagy repainted every scrap of it, moldings, ceilings walls, etc., refinished the floors and basically had it feeling brand new. Our building inspector told us it was a plus being six-years-old because “everything structural that might have gone wrong would have by now”. Regardless of that, it’s a beautiful home,in excellent shape.

      • Inagua

        This looks like a fantastic buy. If the dirt is worth the $2 million I think it is, then the buyer got tasteful, top quality construction for under $400 a foot.

        • I agree (of course). The land sold for $2 million in 2006 and there must have been close to $500,000 in site work, from a new septic to recreating the pond, to a new drainage system, etc. Even if you tossed out that site work cost, it comes out as you suggest, and you can’t build at this quality level for that cost.

  7. Anonymous

    What’s up with the two car garage?

  8. Anonymous

    Congratulations Chris!!