Great idea


Leading by example

Leading by example

School board member wants to impose a dress code on parents dropping their kids off at school.


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12 responses to “Great idea

  1. Cos Cobber

    Are you trying to reduce enrollment?

    Seriously, its a good idea….and school uniforms or more strict dress codes would benefit all. Nothing wrong with beginning proper decorum with kindergarten.

  2. why stop at a dress code? i say nothing less than a Mercedes Gelandewagen or Range Rover Sport should be allowed to enter school grounds to drop off little Buffy of Biff.

    by the way, Granny Harry hasn’t heard the fat lady sing:

  3. Fred2

    To which I say, like I say to all the little school nazi’s who think they own the kids, even what they do outside the school, and now are extending this to parents.

    Go away.

    Seriously, I would go out of my way to jerk their chains. All these people who think they are smart enough to run my life. Fooey.

  4. Riverside Chick

    Come on! Who doesn’t like a little T & A at pick up?

  5. anon2

    Every time I see the photo of Michelle Obama dressed like a Walmart shopper descending from her private plane, I want to puke. Did you see she and Barry gave a donation to Sidwell Friends? That’s fine unless you are The Hypocrite President, who wants equality for all children, except his own.

  6. Allow this bravo sierra and the next thing you know the school board, which BTW is turning toward the cloward and piven education system, will next be demanding, not suggesting but demanding parents be dressed before your kids are down for breakfast.
    It’s remarkable how so many “sheeple” are so quickly ready to give up more rights at the behest of the system, a system that you all are sitting on your butts and allowing the UN to teach your children that 2 and 2 are 5 according to Common Core, shameful!

  7. Anonymous

    Wait a minute. Didn’t I read about teachers unions protesting dress codes that included a mandate for underwear? Same old, same old. Do as we say, not as we do. Maybe the flip flops and commando styling should be eliminated from the classroom before attention is directed to the parents. Just saying.