In the “new” New York, this might actually pass


Dig we mustn't

Dig we mustn’t

City councilman wants to freeze demolition of all buildings 50-years and older (that would be anything built before the 1964 World’s Fair)  covering  80% of the building stock in NYC. (One) problem with the proposal: there aren’t nearly enough staffers to review applications already before the city’s Landmark’s Commission:

Items that are “calendared” have sat in the commission’s to-do box for decades. That effectively puts any development on these sites and any resolution on their landmark status in a perpetual holding pattern.


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4 responses to “In the “new” New York, this might actually pass

  1. Good idea in NYC.
    Tearing down the dsigustng ice cubs from that date would be greatL
    Let’s do that here starting with Greenwich Plaza….then the High School then CVS.
    All NYC inspired.

  2. FF

    The regulation they want is the exact same as the toothless 30-day “demolition delay” ordinance here in Greenwich. All it does is delay the inevitable,

  3. towny

    A savvy politician never lets an opportunity to raise funds go to waste.

    Everybody who knows, knows already she cant get the bill passed, except the stoopid voters who’ll reckon she is addressing their concerns.