Norwich massacre averted


Leader of the Pack

Leader of the Pack

Assault rifle seized after squirrel shoot-out.


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9 responses to “Norwich massacre averted

  1. Anonymous

    given that the type of weapon was not mentioned, i’m willing to bet it was a ruger 10/22, not exactly a weapon of mass destruction, more like the pea-shooter of the rural gentry. the standard ruger magazines hold 10 rounds of the awe and fear inspiring .22 lr.

    connecticut is governed by a bunch of dumb-shits. go ahead dannell, fudrucker, and your girlfriends marzullo, camillo, and frantz.

  2. Art layton


  3. housecat

    Did you sneak a photo of the spouse’s man cave during a broker’s OH or something? That squirrel looks awfully familiar…

  4. there is bigger game, out West:

    • Yos

      Right. Hillary once boasted of duck hunting… with a rifle.

      An experienced target shooter with iron sights finds challenge in hitting a standing target. Taking down a moving target w/ a scoped long gun, well, that’s beyond a skill level I could ever imagine achieving.

  5. Mazama

    I experienced an urban wildlife encounter and in-city shooting incident in 2006 while visiting my mother’s house in a relatively upscale, wooded neighborhood in Fredericksburg, VA (a distant suburb of Washington, DC these days).

    One afternoon the next door neighbor noticed a raccoon acting strangely in his yard. It’s behavior was with consistent that of a rabid animal and when he tried to corner and confine the raccoon it escaped and climbed 25-30 feet up a tree in my mother’s back yard.

    He came to our house to tell me what was happening and as we stood beneath the treed raccoon discussing the situation another neighbor – an avid hunter and retired senior local city government employee – came over. He, being very knowledgeable about wildlife, agreed the raccoon exhibited rabies symptoms. The first neighbor was especially concerned because he had both a toddler son and a black Labrador he feared might be attacked by a rabid critter.

    The second neighbor went to his house, brought back a .22 rifle, aimed carefully, killed the raccoon cleanly with a single shot, carefully placed the carcass in a plastic bag and announced he would take it to the city animal control department for testing.

    The entire matter was resolved in less than 15 minutes without involving a government agency and nobody in the neighborhood complained about a rifle shot in the middle of the afternoon.

    I guess they do things differently in CT.