Quick sale


215 Palmer Hill

215 Palmer Hill

215 Palmer Hill Road, $1.199 million, has a contract. Palmer Hill is a busy street (especially Friday afternoons, when it’s bumper-to-bumper), but 1.1 acres and a house that could be renovated for maybe $250,000? Given the low inventory in this price range, I get it.


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14 responses to “Quick sale

  1. AJ

    And it comes with a real piece of the “Sugar King’s” original stone wall — priceless.

    • Those walls could well predate Havemeyer’s millions, AJ. The hill was pasture even during the Revolutionary War, when Washington’s troops camped here on their march from Boston to New York. And heck, the stones themselves are probably a billion years old.

      • AJ

        You mean like in Jack Benny’s “George Washington Slept Here”, one of the few great movies about adventures in real estate, a classic.

  2. Anonymous

    Looks like a great buy!

  3. Publius

    It seems to me that in this day and age, unless a street/road/lane has no outlet then it is a cut through street. The traditional cut throughway’s are now so crowded that other formerly quite streets absorb the overflow of the neurotic entitled class that feel the need to get where they have to go without ever going the speed limit or using that rectangular shaped hunk of rubber to the left of that thingamahoosit that makes the car go fast………

  4. Anonimo

    Former home of Sue, of Sue’s diner on West Elm St, long gone Greenwich fixture. She was the girlfriend to one of Greenwich’s late finest with a very storied history.

    • GPD Folk

      actually Anonimo it was Sue’s Luncheonette…the boyfriend was Francis X Ray.(last name intentionally omitted)…he was known nationally by the trucking industry….and not because he was very kind to truckers…:)

  5. Anonymous

    Given this price will be interesting to see where the 2 properties in Havemeyer Park sell: one house and one land sale

    1.) 5 Macarthur Drive priced @ $1.15m
    2.) 29 North Ridge Road priced @ $905k

  6. Anonymous

    What is your opinion of 39 vista? Do you think it will sell?

  7. Pete

    Today’s Greenwich Time reported a demolition permit for 39 Patterson Ave. It sold April 10, 2014 for $3,695,000. Land area 37,810 sq. ft. in the R-20 zone. Seems like an awfully big price for a lot on Patterson.

    • Anonymous

      That seems a shame – it’s a pretty house (at least from the outside. I’ve never been in).

  8. Anonymous

    Big Mike- 29 Northridge is def. a land sale, as for MacArthur do you think that trades north of $1m? House next door has wrecking ball in sights and builder asking $1.5m for new build that borders on Havemyer Ln….very interesing….nutz that $1.15m (as posted) gets you next to nothing in this town!