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April 19, 2014 · 5:58 pm

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  1. anon

    The press for Chelsea’s pregnancy news has been nauseating. You’d think it was the first baby born on the planet. I feel badly for the husbands family. Most stories on the subject says Chelsea Clinton and husband, without using his name. Equal number of stories didn’t even mention the word husband as if this might be an immaculate conception.
    Emily’s List was among the first to tweet congratulations on the news of “their child”. Considering Emily’s List is pro abortion and in bed with Planned Parenthood, the tweet should have congratulated her on the mass of cells.

    • Anonymous

      They do not want the husband named because he is the son of Edward Mezvinsky, a notorious crook. From Wikipedia:
      “Mezvinsky was involved in a series of business transactions that ultimately led to his downfall.

      Beginning in the early 1990s Mezvinsky fell prey to a wide variety of 419 scams. According to a federal prosecutor, Mezvinsky was conned by “just about every different kind of African-based scam we’ve ever seen.”[10] In order to raise the funds needed to front the money for the fraudulent investment schemes he was being offered, Mezvinsky became, himself, a conman, tapping his network of contacts and dropping the name of the Clinton family to convince unwitting marks to give him money.[11]

      In March 2001, Mezvinsky was indicted and later pleaded guilty to 31 of 69 felony charges of bank fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud.[12] Nearly $10 million was involved in the crimes. He served his time at Federal Prison Camp, Eglin.[13] Mezvinsky, Federal Bureau of Prisons # 55040-066, was released in April 2008.[14] He remained on federal probation until 2011, and owes substantial restitution to his victims.[15]

  2. way off topic, but it seems that a 4000 square ft house in old greenwich, built in 2008, is for sale on a lot listed as 4700 square feet. the house is at 7 heusted drive, and the owner is apparently seeking to sell the other half of the lot separately. how does that work?

  3. Anonymous

    If it’s a girl, she should be named Monica.

  4. Anonymous

    Love it!

  5. Anonymous

    Actually the girl should be named after Huma Abedin.

  6. Professor Wagstaff

    Ben Ghazi? How about Ben Dover? Here comes Grandpa!

  7. Anonymous

    If it’s a boy, they should name him Vince. In honor of Vince Foster – the man who was murdered because he knew too much.