Give me that ol’ time religion – but in a modern frock, please


It never changes

It never changes

Religious leaders, politicians and union bosses join together to push the global warming agenda.

The debate on climate change is over. Global warming is happening and humans are responsible for it.

This was the message delivered by U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy on Wednesday at a climate change forum at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford.

“We’re fresh off a recent report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change,” Murphy said, referring to a United Nations report that reviewed 12,000 scientific papers by climatologists, meteorologists and other scientists from around the world.

 “Settled”, except that the IPCC report can’t explain why the “exact” models fail to predict or account for the global cooling that’s taken place for 17 years now; that’s about equal to the twenty year “spike” in temperature that set this idiocy in motion. As the IPCC sees it, the twenty years constitute proven fact, seventeen years “just happens”.

But wait, there’s more!

Those joining Murphy at the forum weren’t climate scientists. Instead, they were labor organizers, business leaders, and community and religious advocates.

Sharon Lewis, director of the Connecticut Council for Environmental Justice, said warmer temperatures will make life harder on minorities. [“World ends, women, minorities suffer most]

“I’m here because this will be the most important issue for the rest of our lives,” said John Harrity, president of the Connecticut State Council of Machinists. “Working people will bear the brunt of this….”

Lewis said the huge coastal storms that have battered the Gulf and Atlantic coasts over the past decade have displaced thousands of poor people.

“When they think about climate change, they don’t think about the polar ice caps melting,” she said. “They think of Katrina and Dennis and Irene and Sandy.” [A claim that the very IPCC report these people gathered to celebrate debunks]

The Rev. Tom Carr, senior pastor of the Second Baptist Church of Suffield and co-founder of the Interreligious Eco-Justice Network, said there’s a growing sense among religious leaders to address climate change as a spiritual issue.

“We have the concept of creation care,” Carr said. “We recognize the divine is within all living things and we have a moral responsibility to get involved.”

But along with environmental and moral issues, those at Wednesday’s forum said climate change also offers the state an enormous chance to create good jobs.

“There are so many opportunities,” said Tom Swar, a former executive at United Technologies who is now part of the Hartford Clean Energy Task Force. “Let’s do this for the money. Let’s get the low-hanging fruit now and argue about the fine points later.”

The Reverand Carr chimes in:

Young people, in need of good jobs when they graduate from college, need to see how environmental and economic issues are related.

“We can see jobs and the environmental are the same,” he said.

$150,000 welding positions are going begging out west, as are thousands of other oil production jobs. Solution? Shut down private jobs (Keystone, anyone?) and create government subsidized ones for government subsidized psychology and social scientist graduates. The government knows best how to allocate resources.

Lewis said young people can also be informed by their elders, who wield perspective. “They can say, `I’ve never seen a storm like this in my life,’ ” she said. [And pray that they don’t encounter survivors of the ’38 hurricane or the Blizzard of 1888 or, god forbid, an actual geologist with a “perspective” longer than 50 years]

Those who spoke at the forum also said there needs to some basic structural changes in the way humans think about their place on the planet.

Religion or science: you decide:

“Our lives are complicated by consumerism,” Harrity said. “We buy too much crap, we pile it up, then go buy some more. We have to realize that having the new iPhone 6 isn’t as important and sitting down to dinner together.” 

Where they can huddle in the dark and gnaw on dirt and sticks. Betcha union chiefs like Harrity plan on a better diet for themselves.


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12 responses to “Give me that ol’ time religion – but in a modern frock, please

  1. Mavis Davis

    Isn’t it funny, the more hysterical these political groups become over their pseudo science, the more the public rejects their political agenda.

    It’s a gravy train for them. Follow the money. Gore got rich lying about the envio.


  2. Not Bob

    Ask to see their reliquary containing a fragment of The One True HockeyStick

  3. anon2

    Does any high school or VocTech school in Fairfield County teach welding? It’s such an awesome skill to have, even if it’s not going to lead to one if those $150k jobs.

    • Clearly the Junior Senator has joined the Seniority ridden Pelosi Reading Club…
      The report, red in full essentially proves there is no science…the only true conclusion is that it may have to be changed to the Pelosi Reding Club…
      Think globally act locally.
      Socio Communism is being sold to the lambs of the world successfully by the Fascist money manipulators.
      We need to weld together landowners while we still can ….a start.. rename Earth Day…ScamaLambaDingDongDay we need welders to make the bells we can ring to wake up all. red white and blue…not just red!

  4. Anonymous

    Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, and a totalitarian wannabe Inquisition.

  5. Anonymous

    Even with the massive fraud at the University of East Anglia which supplied the IPCC data they still can’t show warming.

    Fraud including moving thermometers from leafy green areas to the middle of large parking lots, excluding unfavorable data and just plain old making up data when it didn’t fit.

  6. towny

    the community organizers have spoken

  7. Phenut

    April 26 Wall Street Journal article by Matt Ridley is VERY informative and interesting. And reasonable too. I command that you read the whole thing . If you’re stupid, read it twice.