GMLS Listings Test

Here’s an active listing, 510 Valley Road.

Here’s  closed listing, 39 Patterson Avenue.

I’m posting these at 9:07 AM. Let’s see whether the link still works at 4:00PM.

And here’s what’s available for 39 Patterson on Zillow, now (I’ll save you the suspense: bupkis)

UPDATE, 10:00 PM: All have expired. Thank you,Greenwich Association of Realtors


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17 responses to “GMLS Listings Test

  1. Anon

    Photos removed from Patterson.

  2. Anonymous

    Entire Patterson listing now gone

  3. Mickster

    Did this yesterday for a client who wanted to see all listings on MLS that closed in the last year that were originally listed between 2 and 3 million.,6,1
    link is supposed to be good for a month. It’s got all the pics etc etc

    • anon2

      I clicked your link and got “no listings found” then below your name and particular CB office listings.

    • towny

      You ought to be selling access to all of the rest of the lazy deadbeats who pass themselves off as greenwich realtors

  4. Anonymous

    Thanks for this report! So it’s just a matter of knowing how the system works then??

  5. Mickster

    That IS interesting. the link to 510 Valley is down, my link to the closed listings is down but the link to Patterson is fine, WTF is going on?