Open house stars

141 Taconic Rd

141 Taconic Rd

Without doubt the belle of the ball was 141 Taconic Road, a 1780 home on eight acres (four, if you don’t buy the adjoining land, but why on earth would you do that?) I said to listing agent Barbara O’Shea that one of the (few) pleasures of the real estate business is getting the chance to see the occasional beautiful home that someone like me would ordinarily be barred from, and this is just such an example (she didn’t disagree, but did point out the service entrance I could use in the future). The original house has obviously been added to over time, including a ballroom put on in the 1930s, but the feel is still there and all the renovations since add to, rather than reduce its charm. A truly wonderful house, roughly four miles north of the Post Road yet it



provides a real taste of (almost) living in the country. Asking $5.750 for the house and four acres, with the remaining four (not to be sold before the house is) available for around $2.5. I’d buy it all. UPDATE: This link will work. The one above has expired, per GAR’s design.

UPDATE II:  A reader sends along this link to the history of the house. 

15 Palmer Lane

15 Palmer Terrace

Down in the eastern side of town in Riverside, 15 Palmer Lane Terrace, asking $2.495 million, struck me as a very decent house for its price range and location; Palmer Lane’s a quiet dead-end off Summit, five-minute walk to the station, 10 minutes to the school. UPDATE: Use this link.

10 PalmerLane

10 Palmer Terrace

I also liked 10 Palmer, across the street but, to my taste, there wasn’t enough price difference between its $2.375 and 15 at $100,000 more. That’s my taste, not yours; certainly worth investigating both, if you’re in the neighborhood anyway. NEW LINK HERE

35 Sound Beach Avenue

35 Sound Beach Avenue

35 Sound Beach Avenue, $1.294 million, also offers some decent value (out there in Minnesota, Peg, you’d probably gasp but believe me, this is starter home range). The owners paid $1.210 in 2007 and put in quite a bit of money redoing the kitchen and baths and upgrading the landscaping, and it shows. A 1920s house, modernized, at a reasonable price. Sound Beach, obviously, is not a quiet cul-du-sac, but listing agent Ann Simpson pointed out that this is on the sidewalk side, meaning you can walk to Binney and the town without playing traffic roulette with a stroller – never thought of that before, but it’s a nice feature.  A good house.



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35 responses to “Open house stars

  1. EOSredux

    141 Taconic, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. This house is SOOOOOOOO me, except, what do the current owners do with the ballroom? The days of deb parties are over. Drat.

    • I thought of you as I toured it EOS, knew it was you. I don’t know what you do with that ballroom either, but you’re creative – you’d come up with something.

      • Mickster

        If what you say is right, can you imagine that while most of America were suffering right after the Great Depression, these guys decided they needed to add a ballroom for parties! Two Americas even then.

        • It always surprises me to see some of the grand homes in Greenwich built during the Depression – clearly, not everyone went broke. Of course, and not that it did me any good, but grandfather John Gilbert was pulling down $500K a year during that period out in Hollywood, so that hasn’t changed.

      • EOSredux

        How do you enter the house, (into what room) if you park out back or put your car in the garage? I suspect, like most houses of this era, no one actually ever comes in the front door. I think I’d move the pool too – it seems so far removed from everything – it’s off the ballroom/f;living room now?

        • Pool’s off the ball room – I might convert that room to a more post-pool area, if I left the pool where it was. Entrance could be from the front, into a center hall, or kitchen, or into that marbled floor rear entry, or … lots of doors. If you were dating one of the daughters, you’d probably want to use one of the upper floor windows.

        • NextOnTheTee

          500k/yr in the 30’s??
          Did he save any for you and Gid?

        • stupid me, from the pics, i thought the Receiving Room (pretty sure it’s the Atrium on the plans) was the Entry where you stationed the TSA. now, i know a Receiving Room is where you receive your minions and dole out favours.

      • EOSredux

        I went to send the house link to someone and it says “no longer available”. Is this part of the vast right wing conspiracy?

      • towny

        Data for 141 Taconic has long since expired from your business website. Do you think you can find away around this on your own or do we go to Micksters site or find out from anoymous below that this listing is 4 years old with numerous price cuts. Aye Chappy, there is a reason good realtors drive Jags and have extended vacations in St Barths

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    Did you like it just because it had a “ballroom”? WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? You WASP’S are frigging Puritan, hypocritical PERVERTS!! Does it also have an enema room? A dungeon? A spank em and yank em room? YOU SICKEN ME!!

    WASP’S pretend to be prim and proper. Always mindful of eticat…etuqat…always in tune with how to put on a farce in public. But behind closed doors, you are the most vile, kinky, S&M lovers on the planet.
    I guess you needed to have something going for you. Am I right? You witch burner.

    What happens when four WASPs find themselves in the same room? A boring dinner party!!

    How can you tell when a WASP is dead? He lets go of his wallet!!

    I have more!!
    You loser.
    Your Pal,

    • Walt – for you heathens, let me explain what you do with a ballroom.
      1.Wait until February
      2.Fill it with 2′ of sand
      3.Fly in two dozen potted palms
      4.Fly in the Parrot Heads
      5. Call the caterers
      6. Call for a beach party, swim suits forbidden,
      7. Use the ball room.
      You could do the same, although I’m not sure beer would lend the same affect as chilled martinis.

  3. 141 looks wonderful and colorfull trees but…..that must have been a short Summer….

  4. Anonymous

    So what’s the deal with 15 Palmer Lane. Hasn’t it been on the market for a while now and just relisted? or is this one of the many great “features” of the Greenwich MLS?

    Anyway, great block and neighborhood. This house was originally one of the ranches you see on the street with a top on it. Fatal flaw in the renovation was to keep the original chimney which lands in the center of the house. This one decision means that you don’t have the open flow that people pay a premium for. If I were to buy this, I would take down the chimney, install new kitchen to the back and add a prefab fireplace off the living room. I’m estimating this is about $100-150k.

    The other flaw is that basement entry is off the garage…so you have to walk outside of the main house into the garage to enter the basement. While you’re doing the first floor, I’d add a set of stairs to the basement from the inside of the house.

    This I believe is the reason the house didn’t sell the first time around at a similar price. $200k below this price with these changes and I think you have a good house.

    • anon2

      In case you haven’t heard, buyers are less and less excited about that awful open concept floor plan where no matter what Johnny is doing in the TV room, Susie can see and hear in the kitchen and Winthrop can do the same from the dining area. Give me separate and distinct rooms where I can shut the door! 15 Palmer looks perfect to me the way it is.

      • Anonymous

        i want to commit a capital crime whenever i hear the term, “open floor plan.”

        anon2, i am going to print out your post and give it to my wife. thanks for the sanity. you are absolutely right–i don’t want to see aunt gertrude scratch her fat ass or uncle paulie pick a winner on the couch, fully visible while i’m preparing a drink in the open bar amidst the open floor plan.

        (and that’s precisely why i have a very non-open basement workshop with both air conditioning, heat, and central music. nobody can find me.)

  5. NextOnTheTee

    Speaking of terrible photos,
    270 Palmer hill road.
    The size, lack of quality, orientation, scream iPhone 3G


  6. Anonymous

    Just an FYI- 141 Taconic has been on for several years starting out in 9/11 at a little over 9 million and then reduced price to around 6 million. Both times listed with BK Bates. I agree, A lovely house with outstanding land but clearly not a new listing.

  7. towny

    Probably cost about 45k new. Lester Lanin was a regular there.

  8. Ghost of the FAR Czar

    Palmer Terrace, not Palmer Lane. Palmer Lane off Marks Rd.

    Drives the pizza delivery guys batty.

  9. EOSredux

    Um, FYI, went to use the NEW 141 LINK this morning and this is what I get.

    Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.

  10. Anonymous

    the new links suck. not available and bandwidth exceeded came up.
    Zillow seems to work really well though!

  11. Mickster

    It seems that your Lockwood and Mead site is on a very inexpensive server with limited bandwith. Tell FF to upgrade. None of the links are working.

    • EOSredux

      Thanks both Mickster and LindaLant.

      I’d make one huge suggestion to the listing agent of 141. Sign up for a PlanOMatic for this home. There are many rooms on the 141 floor plan called library or sitting room that its hard to match the photos in the listing to what/where it might be on the floor plan (other than the obvious ones). PlanOMatic’s floor plans have camera icons in each room that you can click to see the room.

  12. ShedLessToolMan

    any thoughts on 72 shore rd, old greenwich? looks nice from pics.

  13. Old Timer

    The Taconic Rd house…is that the former Alvin Untermyer estate which still had 117 acres in the 1960s?