State Department spokesman stumped when asked to name a single accomplishment of Hillary Clinton

No one else can, either, including the former Secretary of State herself, but, sheesh.


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11 responses to “State Department spokesman stumped when asked to name a single accomplishment of Hillary Clinton

  1. Peg

    Sounds like………..?

  2. Sound Beacher

    Didn’t you know HIllary was in the great state of CT last night, you should have gone up to see her in Storrs.

    • Fashionista

      Oh dear god in heaven, that photo of Hillary in the article, SHE looks pregnant. Whoever chose that jacket for her should be fired.

  3. Fox

    No accomplishments? Based on recent history that makes her the ideal president.

  4. at least we know what she considers as her “biggest regret”

  5. Mavis Davis

    Hillary has no gravitas. She has credentials, but no positive accomplishments. She’s the evil Nixon.

    The weird thing is the way the media pumped up Bill Clinton, who left office w/ a very low approval rating after the pay for play pardon fiasco/looting the White House.

    Clinton has been the worst ex prez ever, an influence peddler w/o parallel. Why are we paying for his protection? Ex-prez’s were supposed to go aware gracefully.

  6. Mavis Davis

    “go away”

  7. Anonymous

    Hillary has done so many things that I’m sure this Greenwich High School Alumnis just didn’t know where to start! LOL

  8. now i know why our foreign policy sucks, they think it’s “show business”

  9. NextOnTheTee

    Bummer for Jen Psaki
    She’s a GHS ALUM
    maybe I should send the rug rats to private.

  10. Gnawbone

    I spent some time on the Google machine looking for lists of her accomplishments by her supporters—I recommend it to anyone for entertainment. Some of them are going all the way back to her high school days. Did you know “she was the first first lady to be elected to the Senate”? or the “she was the first first lady to hold a post graduate degree?” or that “she traveled to more countries than any first lady at that time?” She’s awesome!! Her resume reminds me of girls who used to stuff their bras with Kleenex.