Greenwich Democrat congressional candidate arrested for breach of peace in court library


Lee Witnum (3rd from left) celebrating candidacy with Senator Chris Dodd

Lee Witnum (center) celebrating candidacy with Senator Chris Dodd

Lee Whitnum’s back in the news.

STAMFORD — A Greenwich Democrat hoping to run for governor on a judicial reform plank was thrown into court lockup Thursday after allegedly creating a disturbance in the Superior Court’s library.

According to State Police, troopers were called to the court around 3:21 p.m. where they found Lisa Whitnum-Baker, 53 of Greenwich, being held in the court lockup. After speaking with all the parties involved, police say they arrested Whitnum and charged her with breach of peace.

Reached for comment, Greenwich Democrat Chairman Francis X. Fudrucker denied any knowledge of the incident. “Never heard of the lady in my life,” he insisted, while scraping a “Whitnum for Congress” sticker off the bumper of his Prius, “now excuse me, I have to go meet with a bail bondsman.”


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23 responses to “Greenwich Democrat congressional candidate arrested for breach of peace in court library

  1. AJ

    If only she had a bicycle tire to bite on, none of this would have happened.

  2. Al Dente

    Was she separated at birth from MMH?

  3. Mickster

    She’s also filed lawsuits against the Town of Greenwich, for renting out Town Hall for a religious event (a bar mitzvah), a BLOGGER for defamation, a real estate agent, the probate court, and a slander allegation against Gov. Dannel P. Malloy. The governonr, after winning the court battle, proceeded to win a court order against Whitnum requiring her to show cause in future legal action.

    you the blogger??

  4. she’s tough, that one.

  5. Anonymous

    I was doing research awhile back at the Stamford Law Library, and she approached me to asked if I am an attorney. I was like, um yeah, and she went off on some looney tune. I gave her a fictitious name and vamoosed asap.

  6. Anonymous

    She is Greenwich’s Sheila Jackson Lee, stupid, crazy, mean, and easily manipulated by the Democratic Party Poliburo!

  7. Riverside Dog Walker

    Sounds like one crazy bitch. I hope I never have the pleasure of making her acquaintance.

  8. Walt

    Dude –
    This chick is just plain scary. Crazy, with no redeeming qualities. Just like your writing. There are some things better left alone. These are two of them.
    Your Pal,

  9. Lee-Lee (as I’ve nicknamed her in my blogs) is one of Greenwich’s great comic figures. She’s often in the Greenwich library (though she now lives in Stamford, having lost her Greenwich condo, and hence library card), where so far she has respected the main rule of libraries: Sshhh!! Am waiting for her to disrespect it here, too. Every day is an adventure with Lee-Lee on the loose! 🙂

    • NY Tax Refugee

      Parents of Greenwich Public School students who would like to have their children opt out of the field test of the SBAC assessment tests coming up next week should read the info in the link above. You CAN opt out if you insist upon it. Your child is not required by law to take these tests!

  10. Thanks, Chris R., for linking that video. It sure reveals what a whack job she is, while also revealing her melodious (read: truck driver) articulation. I doubt she knows what a “library voice” even is. Then again, if she approached me in the library, I’d probably scream, “Help!”

  11. Gnawbone

    Having followed this blog joyfully for many months, observing the quality of your politicians, your ordinances, and the prices people pay for housing, I can only conclude that a very high percentage of people in your town are WACKED. May God bless and keep you all….in CT..

  12. Yos

    Is this where Dodd was inspired to invent the sandwich?

  13. FF


    Lee whitnum could be your next Marie What’s-hername for you. Ill invite you to make her introduction at the Democratic picnic this fall. Brush up on your Palestinian history!

    • Marie Whatshername is apparently coming back, having refused to take down her posts or drop the action against my readers, so I’ll probably be too busy to take on another like her.
      On the other hand, I’ve been invited to lunch at the Round Hill Club this week and my host has promised to introduce me to Walter Noel, if he’s there. Otherwise, perhaps we’ll just pop across the street for a spot of tea with Walt and the fillies.