Another Columbine averted


Lewiston death gun

Lewiston death gun

Lewiston ME: Student suspended for ten days after bringing yellow “look-alike” squirt gun to school. 

“Some other schools would have expelled him,” School Superintendent Bill Webster said, “but we look at all the factors.”

What a guy, what an educator.



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5 responses to “Another Columbine averted

  1. AJ

    Any fool can tell that that’s a Flesh Gordon ray gun that shoots rays, not bullets.

  2. anonymous

    You were the loser kid in the 1950s if you didn’t wear your Roy Rogers holster and cap pistol to school. the girls wore the Dale Evans RED holster and twin cap guns. At recess, We rounded up the injuns and tied them up to a tree and pretend scalped them. It’s a sick sad nation that doesn’t understand the importance of play.

  3. guess i won’t be bringing these in for Show & Tell:

  4. AJ Nock

    Maybe we can get Obummer suspended?
    terrorist threat