News you can use: ordinary homeowner’s insurance won’t cover an exploding corpse


Oh just one more, exquisitely thin biscuit, Mr. Creosote - we're insured, I think

Oh just one more, exquisitely thin biscuit, Mr. Creosote – we’re insured, I think

Neighbor’s corpse ruins her apartment but court rules she has no coverage

A woman whose apartment was damaged when her neighbor’s corpse exploded in the unit above hers has been ordered to pay for her own repairs.

Judy Rodrigo lost her nearly six-year legal battle with her insurer on Wednesday, with the Palm Beach County court in Florida ruling that her insurance policy didn’t cover damage caused by bodily explosions.

Rodrigo claimed in her suit that Keystone Condominium Association staff failed to discover the elderly woman’s body for two weeks in 2008, causing it to burst.

By the time maintenance workers checked on the upstairs neighbor, who lived alone, her remains were being eaten by her pet dog.

Even though her apartment was gutted, Rodrigo said the smell never left.

When she asked State Farm, the insurer, to pay out the personal property damage coverage, they refused.

They claimed a decomposing body was not a “peril” that they covered. The appeals court agreed.

“The plain meaning of the term ‘explosion’ does not include a decomposing body’s cells explosively expanding, causing leakage of bodily fluids,” they court stated.

My advice if you’re worried about this sort of thing is to try Chubb. Besides their eponymous name, they offer an extensive list of coverages.


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6 responses to “News you can use: ordinary homeowner’s insurance won’t cover an exploding corpse

  1. AJ

    OT: Giant Chinese 3D printer builds 10 houses in just 1 day (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

  2. Anonymous

    its a wafer..wafer thin

  3. AJ

    Condo insurance just covers the interior of a condo, not the structure. So if the smell is coming from the other side of the sheetrock, by the very nature of a condo policy, you are shit out of luck.

  4. TheBox

    I used to be an Insurance agent, left a few years ago but I have heard that Chubb is no longer quite a generous on settling claims as they used to be – though their specialty remains high value properties, which is basically everything property around here. For a single family home a decent agent should be able to set you up with an ISO H05 or similar policy that covers everything not specifically excluded – which would include popping corpses. I think you could add an endorsement to a condo policy that effectively replicated an HO5. Frankly I’m shocked you can still get named peril policies.

  5. George Leroy Tirebiter

    Isn’t Chubb the insurer that defaulted on farmer’s crop insurance policies during a late ’80s drought? Never understood how they got away with that and stayed in business.

  6. bunnytee

    There’s always Lloyd’s of London, I suppose..

    I can’t say I’ve ever considered perusing our HO policy for exploding corpse peril , however; neither is it listed as an exclusion.

    Ick..this is gruesome.