But where to? Hint: not Connecticut


Hey! Where you going? Get back here!

Hey! Where you going? Get back here!

Toyota is moving its sales headquarters and 5.000 jobs from California to …. Texas!

And it’s not the first Japanese car maker to leave the land of the greens.

The new Texas headquarters is expected to house at least three subsidiaries, the people said, including Toyota Motor Sales USA, Toyota Financial Services and Toyota Engineering and Manufacturing North America. The move will begin in August and will take place in stages through the end of 2016, they said.

Employees in Toyota’s Torrance offices and other U.S. locations will be offered relocation packages and financial assistance, they said.

Toyota, which established operations in California in 1957, is the second Japanese automaker to relocate from the Los Angeles area.

Nissan Motor Co in 2006 moved most of its operations to Franklin, Tennessee, outside Nashville.


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9 responses to “But where to? Hint: not Connecticut

  1. Anonymous

    Bad for Torrance.

    That’s the hub for a lot of financial services arms of Japanese auto co’s.

  2. AJ

    What’s next? Are you going to have to pay an exit tax, like if you were going to leave the US and decided to give up your citizenship so that you didn’t have to face double taxation and the US having its nose in all your business?
    Serfs or slaves? You decide.

  3. jB

    Out here in Calley Forn Ya, we can bitch like we’re in Connecticut but perfect weather.

  4. Reader

    It is an article of faith among the Left that they can raise taxes on the successful and there will be no impact. Today Pfizer is bidding for 3rd rate UK based Astra Zeneca and will make the deal work by domiciling the combined company in lower tax UK. Smart companies like Pfizer and Toyota act in response to high tax rates. Smart people in CT flee to FL for 6 months and a day.

    • Anonymous

      I am pretty sure FF would call those Toyota HQ jobs more low paid jobs that nobody wants. He couldn’t be more wrong of course. Taxes and regs have consequences.

      • Anonymous

        Wasn’t there a recent editorial from some Greenwich Dem leader (not FF) emphatically stating that that taxes do not drive out jobs or residents and its all Republlcan hype? How can these ridiculous assertions be made with a straight face by Dems is such a mystery?

      • Anonymous

        I can assure speak with 100% certainty those jobs in Torrance at the finance arms are not low paid jobs.

  5. and in CT, Ovation Guitar is shutting down (looks like they will still be made overseas):


  6. Anonymous

    Oh, and of course, just announced the “sham” $55 rebate has been rescinded by our Governor because, what a surprise, the surplus is less than expected.