It’s still bonus time, obviously

19 Lower Cross Rd

19 Lower Cross Rd (boooring!)

19 Lower Cross Road, $17.9 million, reports a pending sale. 

61 Ridgeview Avenue

61 Ridgeview Avenue

On a lesser scale, but we can’t all live in Conyers Farm, 61 Ridgeview Avenue is also pending: asking price was $2.695. This is a fabulous house and given my druthers, I’d take it over Conyers Farm, any time at all. Lucky buyers.





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12 responses to “It’s still bonus time, obviously

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    The link to 61 Ridgeview goes to 19 Lower Cross.
    Numb nuts.
    Your Pal,

      • anonna

        That’s a first for me, seeing the homeowners do a YT clip for the listing agency. Very cute couple and they obviously love their home.

        • Anonymous

          Agreed on first for broker youtube of the homeowner. Can you imagine most of Greenwich doing that? “Buy my house or I’ll smash you over the head with this lacrosse stick, loser…”

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    And now I really do owe you brunch.
    You frigging loser.
    Your Pal,

  3. Anonymous

    Agreed….absolutely great house. Its certainly not conventional Greenwich, and tough at time of resell, but its a great home.

    • Actually,it sold pretty quickly – albeit a few months, not days, but not so very long. I don’t have this kind of money but I’m serious: if I could pick one house to live in in town, this would have been it.

  4. Anonymous

    The video is FAR SUPERIOR to the dreadful pictures. I would fire the photographer who did not capture at all the beautiful streaming light and angles that they did in the video.

    • anonna

      The couple capture the essence of the home and should be the default media for viewing the property. Agree the still photos are pretty much worthless.

      Is like to know how the listing agent came up with the idea of the video. It’s very clever, and remarkable that no one else has gone this route.

  5. Cos Cobber

    Huh, contemporaries, not my cup of tea, but this place could pull me in their direction. The video is very effective, nice job and yes, cute couple.

  6. Once

    Price sold it. Video let’s owners think they had something to do with it. Great. Now all the owners are going to want the same dog and pony show. If pics sold a property why don’t Oogilvy’s listings fly off the shelf?

    • Well I’d say it was the usual combination, price and the quality of the house. The charming owners could have talked all day, but if those two factors weren’t there, they’d still be talking.