Greenwich Democratic Party stands by its standard bearer, Lee Whitnum

Lee Whitnum enjoys a reflective moment at the Greenwich Democrat campaign clam bake

Lee Whitnum enjoys a reflective moment at the Greenwich Democrat campaign clam bake

“She denies biting anyone,” Francis Fudrucker, Democrat Chairman told FWIW, “let alone a state marshall, and that’s good enough for us. Onward to November, onward to victory!”

Story here.

Greenwich Democrat Lee Whitnum, who is hoping to run for governor on a judicial reform plank, released a statement on her website this morning in response to her arrest last week for allegedly creating a disturbance the library of state Superior Court in Stamford.

4-29-14 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – In response to the breach of peace charge against her gubernatorial candidate Lee. Whitnum responded today: “I never tried to bite anyone. The Judicial Marshals surrounded me for some unknown reason. They told me to leave.  I said I would.  I walked 25 feet never stopping; I was almost to the door, within five feet of the door when six marshals attacked me from behind and threw me up against the wall,” said Whitnum.  “I still have no idea what I did wrong.” Whitnum is filing a civil suit against librarian Pamela Kaufman. “I have no idea what that woman told the Judicial Marshals,” said Whitnum.

You can read the article about her arrest here: Greenwich’s Whitnum charged with breach of peace



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28 responses to “Greenwich Democratic Party stands by its standard bearer, Lee Whitnum

  1. Apparently if you’re a Democrat, you hold such a high opinion of yourself on account of your *pure* motives, that you can dispense entirely with the elemental standards of polite behavior by which most people live.

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    Has Ms. Whitnum outflanked Bill Gaston for #2?

  3. I kind of like her for Senator. Maybe she can unseat that championship swimmer from Harvard, old what’s his name.

    She won’t be afraid to tangle with the 1% and the Fairfield county oligarchs. Bite on sister! Finally a Democrat with some spunk.

    • kitty

      Richard – why do you like an anti-semite?

      • I don’t Kitty. That was all tongue in cheek. Regular readers here know that I’m a mainstream conservative Republican who grew up in Greenwich. It was an attempt at humor and parody. We need a different font to use under such circumstances or I need to make it more obvious somehow.

        Not that it matters, but the two linked articles don’t make any reference to anti-semitic views, just that she’s obviously a first class nut case. I, currently living in northern Westchester with the Hillbillies, had never heard of her prior to Chris posting this item.

        • kitty

          Oh good. Sorry about that Richard. We are sympatico except that perhaps my sarcasm meter is malfunctioning. Move over here to Greenwich Richard, we need more of you. Northern Westchester is very peaceful though…

        • NextOnTheTee

          50 acres versus 2 acres. It’s prob. Why he left

        • My mother still lives in Greenwich and I’d love to move back someday. My problem with moving is that I currently own a nice house on two acres of land, surrounded by a 400 acre county nature preserve, but it’s only worth $600 to $650k or so, which wouldn’t buy me a condemned garden shed in Byram, so here I sit, chained by the vast gulf in RE prices.

          It is nice up here and only about 40 minutes away when I want to to back shop or visit my mother.

          • Kiitty

            Aren’t the taxes much higher there though? That difference might bring you up to a decent 1M home in Greenwich. But I have to say, I sure wouldn’t mind being surrounded by 400 acres of nature preserve. My pooch would love it

        • Libertarian Advocate

          400 acre park???? I have one of those almost abutting my lot in Stamford. It’s called the Mianus River Park.

          OK, OK … so it’s 389 acres. Sue me!

        • AJ

          I used to do a lot of trail running in that park. If you come in from the Merriebrook Lane entrance and go along the river, you’ll see all these channels running through the woods that I’m sure used to be filled with water. There’s also an area where there used to be a pond (it’s still like a very shallow lagoon off the side of the river) and if you walk into the field behind the pond you’ll find a big hole where the mansion used to sit.

          I like the very narrow trails under the cliff along Guinea Road. While running in that area, I once spotted a spotted tortoise, and also once spotted a spotted salamander. Neat place. I remember that Champion Paper owned a huge chunk of adjacent land with a lot of nice trails where there was a rock with a hollowed out bowl that the Indians used to grind stuff in (must have been where the Sinoway lived). They were going to give to Stamford for free, but the City didn’t want it. Huh? Extremely generous of Champion; wonder if Stamford changed their mind and took it — a beautiful spot.

      • The taxes are higher in Westchester, but there are dozens of towns within Westchester and a broad range of property tax rates. I’m in a town with very low property taxes by Westchester standards because we have a substantial commercial and light industrial tax base and a mayor who’s committed to sane spending policies and keeping taxes low. I’ve also appealed my valuation twice and gotten it lowered by about 25% cumulatively.

        There are towns like Bronxville where the average tax bill is about $50k per year but I pay about $11k in combined school, town and county tax.

  4. Publius

    Well, it is certainly open season on politicians……

  5. AJ

    I think someone may have leaked her campaign song. Starts at 0:38.

  6. What kind of marks did she leave, dog, cat, or something else? They sure weren’t fox bites…..

  7. RE junkie

    Seems like a well-staged stunt to justify and grab free publicity for her campaign for judicial reform … Clearly the current system doesn’t treat crazy people fairly!!

  8. Riverside Dog Walker

    I read the Greenwich Time article on her arrest, watched the video someone posted of her rant at the US Senate candidate’s debate (I think it was) and then read the court document someone else posted about her being a nurse’s aide and grifter who married an 86 year old assisted living resident for his money.

    Not knowing any of this, I had previously ASS-U-MED that she was your standard intelligent, well educated Greenwich woman who became a political junkie because she was bored with the Junior League, and just had views that were a little (or way) out there. Now that I understand she is a certifiable nut job, I think it is scary that any politicos give her the time of day, much less pose for a photo with her like Chris Dodd did.

    • Cobra

      Chris Dodd would pose with Herman Goering if he thought there was an opportunity to cash in on graft of some kind.

  9. look on the bright side, she may show up at the wrong convention again:

    • This just gets better and better. We need more Democrats like her. Really. And I was just kidding about her running for the Senate, but she’s tried. Whitnum for President, possibly with Hilary as her running mate?

  10. Walt

    Dude –
    As you know, my Insane- O – Meter is as accurate as my gaydar. And this woman sends my Insane – O – Meter OFF THE FRIGGING CHARTS!! She makes Michelle – Michelle appear normal. Just check out her crazy eyes Dude. Her gaze would make Batman bat shit his bat suit. No easy task.

    This woman is pernicious, deleterious, evil, baleful, wicked, and a crazed Democrat. The crazed Democrat part is redundant, but I felt I need to be blunt to get it through your dense little pin head that this is not a woman to be messed with. She may be a Nihilist, Dude.

    But she still may be more qualified than the Rhamadamadingdong Francis supported for the BOE. What does that tell you, Grasshopper?
    Your Pal,