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45 Old Stone Bridge

45 Old Stone Bridge

45 Old Stone Bridge is for sale, asking $2.250 million. This caught my eye because, before the crash, that’s about where Old Stone Bridge values topped out and I’ve been sensing that they’ve come back. In this case, almost. The current owners paid $2,287,500 for it in 2006 and did some extensive renovation in 2011. So not all the way back, but getting there. I really like this neighborhood, and it offers good value, compared to Riverside and Old Greenwich.

33 Twin Lakes

33 Twin Lakes

And speaking of Riverside, David Ogilvy’s trying again with 33 Twin Lakes (Gilliam Lane South, for traditionalists), this time at $5.6 million. This may do it, too, considering that one-acre lots without houses around the corner on Carriglea routinely fetch $5, and this is a better street (says I, proud Gilliam Lane alumnus).

This place started out at $8.2 million in ’07 and sat, price unchanged, for a full year (duh). In 2009-2010 it came back at $7 million and never dropped below $6.750, which also failed. Now it’s at just about land value, with a very nice house thrown into the bargain.

One note of caution: the listing reports that the owner can bring “his 36′ boat to the dock at high tide”, which I imagine is true, but these are shallow mudflats out here, and they go dry – like, no water- far ahead of deeper parts of Cos Cob Harbor. You want to swing by at the peak of high tide, pick up a couple of passengers and scram you can do it, but you probably have a fifteen-minute window to accomplish it.


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9 responses to “New Listings

  1. Toonces

    33 Twin Lakes looks like a steal to me.

  2. Stanwich

    Old Stone Bridge is one of the only developments from the 70’s/80’s that I have seen worth anything. Remarkable how well they’ve aged considering the vintage.

    • Some really good builders cut their teeth on that project, including Lee Neuberth. I’ve always had a fondness for the place because before it was developed the Chimblos, who owned the land, let the Boy Scouts use it for camping. We’d hike up from St. Paul’s in Riverside-quite a hike, considering the primitive state of backpacks in 1963, and have a blast. Still nice land.

  3. Accolay

    What makes Twin Lakes better than Carriglea?

  4. Anonymous

    I agree about your assessment of Old Stone Bridge. A great neighborhood with substantial houses and much less expensive than Riverside!

    • Joey

      I like Old Stone also. However it is a bit far from the station and too near to nature (let’s call up those tick sprayers) for those migrating (fleeing) from NYC.