Pending deals


3 Konittekock

3 Konittekock

3 Konittekock Road, asking $3.2 million. Started at $4.5 million in January, 2013; when the owners got real, so did the buyers.







47 Midwood

47 Midwood

47 Midwood, $5.575. A typical Deer Park charmer, on 2.5 acres, and it’s no wonder that it went in just three weeks. Deer Park’s one of the nicest neighborhoods in town, and good houses there are, if not rare, uncommon. Alice Duff listing.


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10 responses to “Pending deals

  1. Anonymous

    I don’t know about that Midwood Road house – looks awfully dated to me….

    • so, everyone should get a raise philosophy

      since we in govt make so much, you in private world should all get a raise to 10 bucks an hr. smart idea. until the system collapses.

  2. Anon

    Konnittekock is in a swamp.

  3. Anonymous

    Konittekock was a joke at $4.5!!!