Back after a time out


95 Butternut Hollow

95 Butternut Hollow

95 Butternut Hollow Road, priced at $10.5 million in 2008, has been trying to find the right price ever since. Today it’s at $5.950. Lovely land, lovely, 1936 house, and perhaps $6 million will attract a buyer. One caution, however, is that the beautiful sparkling pond behind it is actually our reservoir, off limits to human use. I’d find that frustrating if I lived here, like living next to a golf club that won’t let you join.


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3 responses to “Back after a time out

  1. Anonymous

    if the owner pees in it, will they drain it?

  2. Anon

    Maybe Stark from Marlow Court could by it and look at the pond he can’t swim in.