Ogilvy’s trying it again, on the other side of the harbor from Copper Beech


The offending pool which appears to still be unfenced. Guess it wasn't important after all.

The offending pool, which appears to still be unfenced. Guess it wasn’t important after all.

[Edited to reflect new information]

He’s brought 14 Marlow Court on the market for $18 million. Well, maybe he’ll get it. The owner paid Sandy Rand $9.5 million for this in 2002, an amount so astonishing it had all of us laughing up our sleeves. The guy had lived next door to this property and (rudely, some say) demanded that Rand fence in his pool. The pool was grandfathered, Rand refused, so the gentleman said “name your price”. Sandy called his friend Ogilvy for a price opinion, Ogilvy said “$10 million”, and the neighbor, unaware of Mr. Ogilvy’s reputation for being “optimistic” in his valuations, deducted the commissions and paid the price. Hahahahaha.

But who knows? If he gets anything close to this price he’ll have had the last laugh, twelve years later. And he can always take satisfaction in, after being rejected for membership by the Riverside Yacht Club across the water, successfully shutting down the club’s 50-year-tradition of skeet shooting.

Of course, we can take our own satisfaction in keeping him out of the club: don’t you just love petty quarrels?


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  1. Anon

    You sort of have this story right. The owner was blackballed at RYC because of bad blood between him and some heavy hitters in the America’s Cup organization (allegations of this and that). He made a deal with Sandy to buy Sandy’s place AND have Sandy smooth things over/ grease the way at RYC. That didn’t happen, and in a snit he got the feds on the club for “pollution” to the sound based on the shell casings from the 100 odd years of skeet. The shooting was shut down, and so was his shot at EVER joining RYC. I am surprised he stayed in Riverside as long as he did.

    • Well s’long sailor, regardless.

    • GPD Folk

      I went to the house the first time he called the cops about the skeet shooting….i remember telling him that it wasn’t a police matter….I also remember that the Club members were very reasonable and tried to accommodate him…he not so much.

      • He wasn’t the “good neighbor” type, but it’s a free country, so what the heck. On the other hand, if he doesn’t get his price and has to stick around a few more years staring at the club that doesn’t want and won’t have him, well….

    • Sandy Rand

      straight from the “horses mouth”. A “smooth” ride to RYC was not promised or imlied, merely a promise to not rally others against the application.

      Sandy Rand

  2. Riverside

    I’m surprised he hung on as long as he did too, since the owner was one of the big losers in the Madoff scam…

  3. He owes it all to Denise S., it was her first power act of “Conservation”. That and no even shotgun hunting for deer and leashes on dogs has led to the now million plus anti deer and goose budget conservation scam. Casings don’t count, lead from earlier shells may affect 20 geese and 100 fish each year and could be cleaned up in a few hours. Steel shot causes no harm and was what was being used when the fear dingbats dinghy came ashore.

  4. Patrick

    Records indicate he paid $9.5.

  5. Greenwich Gal

    A local lawyer told me that in Greenwich “neighbor” is spelled

    • Down in Riverside’s Harbor Point that’s certainly true, and Marlow Court is just one street away from that development, so perhaps the attitude metasticized.

  6. Anonymous

    Ogilvy’s having a good year.

  7. anonymous22

    I don’t like a thing about this listing. Not the bad karma the house already has from the crabby seller, not that the house is a paltry 4700sf, and pshaw, only a mere two acres of waterfront? Me thinks I smell a tad overpricing. Unless the “landscaping by John Conte” is worth $8m?

  8. Anonymous

    the guy probably does more himself than many entire offices.

    i don’t begrudge that one bit.

    good for him.

  9. Anon

    The guy belongs to NY Yacht Club, so the plumbers and electricians at Riverside are gloating for naught.

    • The NY Yacht Club doesn’t have a pool.

    • Riverside

      He is persona non-grata at NYYC too. The issues with America’s Cup involved misused funds that he was responsible for.

      • housecat

        I once tried to explain here at FWIW that noticably bad behavior on the part of an applicant – to private schools, clubs, fill-in-the blank – tends to increase the risk that said applicant will be blackballed. Let’s just say that my advice didn’t go over too well.

  10. Walt

    Dude –
    Why do you WASP’s take so much pleasure in shooting skeets? What have the skeets ever done to you? And what exactly is a skeet, Dude? Is it like the snipes, that you also like to hunt so much? Almost to extinction. When is the last time there was a good snipe hunt in Greenwich?

    Did you choose skeets and snipes in order to one up your stuck up Brit retarded cousins, who only hunt fox? WELL YOU LOST THAT ONE!! I would hunt the Brazilian waxed, short haired red fox ALL DAY LONG over a skeet or a snipe. And you WASP’S can’t even get along with other WASP’S!! Even though you pretend to be Fancy Nancy’s. You all just need to learn to lighten up and RELAX!!

    What is the definition of a WASP? Someone who gets out of the shower to take a leak!!

    Your Pal,

    • Skeet is based on round clay targets that provide an alkaline input to acidic situations when thoughtfully placed in aqua farms.
      Snipe is a low information jerk output, and the name of a prevalent species that consume the same nascent invertebrates.
      Nescient and fools errand and snipe hunts will never end.
      Why has skeet shooting been diminished?
      Because snipes are taken seriously not Snipe?

  11. towny

    This is hilarious.

    Property Description

  12. pulled up in OG

    Towny and Lockwood & Mead innocent. Spelling boners originate at Ogilvy’s. Pretty sad for an eighteen-mil listing.

    • towny

      Yep, for five points you get the above and whopping 6 interior pictures.

    • Anonymous

      These comments obviously pulled from the MLS – have you read other agents listing comments? I wouldn’t throw stones at glass houses on that one – this could be another subject for discussion.

  13. Anonymous

    It’s a two house compound?

  14. Anonymous

    Maybe Ogilvy promised him membership at Belle Haven!

  15. Mickster

    Interestingly, I was once told that all those streets down there are called after the Lowther girls – Marlow, Cathlow, etc etc.
    Someone mentioned bad karma in a house earlier – I spent 4 hours yesterday with a feng shui expert helping my buyers ensure that they would have good karma in a house we’re just about to buy. fascinating stuff!

  16. Anonymous

    As Former Belle Haven Commodore/Admissions Committee Chair… Ogilvy had pull to black ball an applicant…and was notorious for using it liberally…..but can no longer ding land owners…he already took down most of the undesirable “ethnic” neighbors anyway..so no great loss !..ironic that he’d take this listing…..or the Owners would give it to him knowing his and their background !

  17. Anonymous and totally outside the community

    Wow. I am a NYer and interested in this property. If this is the way the Greenwich community sneers, then that is pretty lame. You all can’t be that pedestrian, can you? Beautiful property, from what it seems a nice family who made the decision to send their kids to public school in support of the the community and their kids’ education…yeah the kids are smart and successful too so good luck you whiners. I wouldn’t want crap coming onto my kid’s lawn either as a parent, you are really dredging up something from THIRTEEN YEARS AGO. Since you have nothing else to do, stop trying to throw stones at people and realize there is a killer property for sale in a legendary neighborhood. Get over yourselves and move on to something that actually matters.

    • By all means, come buy this killer property, and welcome to the “legendary” [sic] neighborhood. And by all means, pay full price – we promise not to sneer.

    • Just_looking

      I call b.s. On the NYer that is “interested”. Did you make an offer?

  18. New to such nastiness

    I am pretty new to this country and have lived In a number of countries in some wonderful and prestigious neighborhoods and I have never come across such nasty, loathsome people! We were considering Greenwich as a possible place to live, but reading this blog has given me quite a bad taste in my mouth. If these are the type of people who live in Greenwich, then we do not want to be members of your community.One does not have to read between the lines to recognize that there are too many judgmental, meddlesome and probably bigoted and racist people. The story about the owner of this house not being of the same background as Ogilvy smacks of racism or bigotry…….I do not know which, but I bet that the local yacht club turned him down sooner for not being like all of you and not that yarn that someone spun and he had the last when he was accepted by the NYYC.
    Shame on all of you “religious” people, tomorrow is Sunday and you should go and pray for forgiveness for having broken a good few commandments.
    Katherine L.