Bidding war on a bank owned property


38 Duncan Drive

38 Duncan Drive

38 Duncan Drive. Bank started at $949,900 and when that didn’t work, dropped it to $899,900. Winning bidder paid $910, 180. Owner bought it for $1.150 in 2004, so I’m not sure how much of a bargain this buyer got, but the bank made out well: it had just $920,000 into the property.


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4 responses to “Bidding war on a bank owned property

  1. mudslide


  2. Anonymous

    Wow – I can’t believe this ugly house is in Greenwich! I sure hope it’s a tear down. Someone paid $900,000-plus for that?!

  3. Mickstrr

    Clients of mine were low bidders on this. I think the Merritt and wetlands in back yard were somewhat of a turn off. Happily enough, we just went to contract on another bank-owned home a few doors away that wasn’t on the MLS.for over a half a million less than its last sales price.

    • I’m (pretty sure) I know that second house, Mickster, and tried getting a client interested in it, to no avail. Your clients did well, and you did well for your clients.