Brother Gideon’s on a tear

One Grove Lane

One Grove Lane

Besides West End Avenue, he now reports a deal on One Grove Lane, asking $3.445 million. A grand old home, but right on Dearfield, and noisy to my, but not to these buyers’ taste. Gideon is still friends with the owners, despite helping them “win” a bidding war on this property in 2006, when they bid $3.505 on a $3.350 asking price. Insult to injury, they then put another million or so into it.

But what’s money, anyway?


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9 responses to “Brother Gideon’s on a tear

  1. John M

    Congrats to your brother and to the buyers. That is such a beautiful house from the outside. I always enjoy looking at it when I’m going by it.

  2. Anon

    Beautiful house. Looks like it would be appreciated by Europeans.

  3. AJ

    Whatever your brother is eating, maybe you should start eating too.

  4. Anonymous

    Your Brother seems to have you beat at real estate but he is a horrid blogger!

  5. Katie

    It’s a great old house, I hope they don’t tear it down. 5,000sqft seems high unless it includes the attic and/or basement. Is it zoned for Julian Curtiss?